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News of the Day: Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

News of the Day: Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

The Pamplona Running of the Bulls is taking place now. It is a part of the S an Fermin Festival, which runs in Pamplona, Spain, from July 6 to July 14 every year.  The race- which has people dressed in white shirt & pants, garnished by a red scarf or sash, trying to outrun a 1,200 pound beast down the town’s narrow streets.  Folk lore dates it back to 14th century when young men wanted to show their bravado by jumping on the backs of cattle as they were being brought to market.  Since 1910, Obscure Sports Quarterly, reports that the bulls have claimed the lives of 15 people and injure about 250 people every year.  Thus far the event has reported only one gorged leg and many shovel ready jobs.

Friday was the last time that America will launch a space shuttle into space.  After a 30-year shuttle history, the spaceship Atlantis blasted off one last time in front of more than 1 million people.   The space shuttle program is another victim of poor policy coming out of Washington.   Remember the Muslim outreach the president wishes for us to embark on (story here)?   America has found itself hitching its future astronautical rides to a taxi company called Russia.  The Russian shuttle is akin to your neighbor who lets you borrow his 1976 GMC pick-up to take your junk to a dump.  As long as you put oil in it every few miles, you are good to go.

School lunch program is a success in the south, no child left behind or hungry

The nation’s obesity rankings were just released this week.   The top 10 are:   Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arkansas, and Michigan round out the top ten.

Colorado, you need to increase your caloric intake- you are dead last on the obesity charts.  Congratulations to the South.  You may have lost the Civil War, and the war on poverty, but you are knocking it out of the park with the battle of the bulge. My advice, when you go to a restaurant, stop ordering your meals like you are headed to the electric chair the next day.

President Obama, in his Saturday morning address to the nation, urged law makers to meet back at the White House on Sunday to get serious about working out a deficit-reduction plan.   He acknowledged the stark differences between the Republicans and Democrats who don’t see “eye to eye on a number of issues” concerning the fiscal policies of this nation.  The “No Drama” Obama isn’t too concerned.   The Republicans will fold up like a pita around gyro meat by Tuesday and the nation will go even deeper into debt.


Easy does it Jen, we have forgotten all about the Leprechaun movies

Out of Hollywood this week- America’s favorite single lady (WWJD?) Jennifer Aniston, sporting a blonder highlighted head, got her hands dirty as she accepted her spot on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame… Pittsburgh Steelers Hines Ward, last season’s Dancing with the Stars winner, was arrested yesterday for DUI. His choices were to drive himself or hop on the back of Roethlisberger’s motorcycle… Justin Bieber just became number 2, right behind his girlfriend Selena Gomez.  According to the most active artists on the world’s leading social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, page views, downloaded songs, etc..) the Biebs lost his two-year long grip on number one just this week.  Rounding out the top 5 is Michael Jackson #3, Lady Ga Ga #4, and Shakira #5. Coincidentally, the unemployment rate just went up again.

I wanted to give a shout out to the finest assemblage of young men I have ever been associated with.  The Lincoln, Nebraska, Dodger Black 14’s baseball team finished Runner-up in their state tournament last weekend.  I have had the pleasure of coaching these fine young men, in multiple sports, for many years and I will miss each one of them.  Pictured here, you can see we are equally proud of our Blue Hammer used for ‘Hammer Time’ as we are of the state trophy. There is no victory in defense, the sword is more important than the shield. And as Crash would say “to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. You guys were truly gifted.  The players:  Ryan Belling, Jacob Bishop, Sam Crisler, Gunnar Dean, Chase Egger, John Golden, Travis Henninger, Austin Hoops, Alex Jilek, Sam Otte, Trey Van Treeck.  The coaches: Tom Golden, Larry Van Treeck, and Jamie Bishop.


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