By - July 12, 2011

Proof Obama And Holder Responsible For Fast & Furious

We here at Red State Report have been on top of the Project Gunrunner program before most of the rest of the media and right here today you will see the proof that “Project Gun Runner” goes all the way up to the President.

In recent weeks this story has been picking up steam, at least in the non-biased media corners.  Don’t strain yourself looking for this story on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, or ABC.  Any story enlighting the less than legal side of the Obama administration will not make it onto the Lame Stream Media.

Rep. Allen West of Florida, is now asking for an Special Prosecutor to investigate Eric Holders part in the project. 

ATF director Ken Melson testified earlier this week in front of the House Oversight Committee.  Melson stated that Holder did not know about “Fast and Furious” which was the gun walking program within the Gun Runner Program. 

Even with the road blocks from the DOJ and the White House it has become evident that not only did Eric Holder know about the Gun Runner Program, it was approved by Holder and President Barack Obama.  Watch the video to find the proof.


Many questions remain.  If the President and Eric Holder did not know about “Fast and Furious” within the “Gun Runner”, why the cover up?  Is Ken Melson creating a diversion by admitting to knowledge of “Gun Runner” while denying knowledge of “Fast and Furious”?

Many questions need to be answered and that is why it is important that Rep. Allen West’s request be honored so the story can be put to rest.  But is there something Obama fears here?

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