By - July 25, 2011

Sen. Ben Nelson, Your Mask Came Off

The House recently passed “Cut, Cap and Balance”, so it was the Senate’s turn to tackle the bill.  As we all know Harry Reid was not going to let it pass, so he demanded a quick vote to prevent the American people a chance to contact their senators in order to voice their opinions.  This left each senator to vote on this bill, guided by only their own ideology and fiscally conservative tendencies.

Nebraska has it’s own democrat senator, who professes his midwestern crafted conservatism, Senator Ben Nelson.

Sen. Nelson has gone through great pains to portray himself as a sensible fiscal conservative.  Given his voting record since President Obama has taken office Sen. Nelson has a daunting task ahead of him with his votes for the Stimulus Bill, Obamacare and every spending proposal put forth by Obama. 

Cut, Cap and Balance gives Ben that chance to prove he is that fiscal conservative he professes to be, so how did Ben vote?

Well, again Ben backed up the President.  Does this mean he shares the President’s feelings when Obama said “Balanced budget amendment?  We don’t need no stinking balanced budget amendment”! Ok, that’s not exactly what he said but close.  Obama continued on, “The Constitution already tells us to do our jobs — and to make sure that the government is living within its means and making responsible choices.”  

It’s interesting to hear those words from a President who has spent more in three years than all other Presidents combined, increased the EPA’s budget 125% and gave us the budget busting, economy busting Health Care Law.  It is evident the President has lived within his means and has made responsible choices.  It is very much like having the fox watch over the hen house.  Nothing could go wrong, right?!

Ben Nelson is akin to a fox as well, wanting to look after the hens.  He pretends to care, but when the hens are getting eaten Ben steps in for his share, not to protect the hens.

Ben Nelson must also agree with the President that the only way to handle the debt situation is to increase taxes on the job creators and to cut the military further, after Obama already cut the military by 25%.  We dare not reduce the size of the federal government which has ballooned during Obama’s tenure.  Budget increases for the IRS and the farm destroying EPA are important to men like Ben Nelson.

Senator Nelson, it’s time to remove your conservative mask, nobody believes it anymore and we have no more candy to hand out to you.

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