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New Spiderman Is Gay?

Every so often all the B.S. in Washington gets to me and I have to escape the warped world of reality, that’s when I turn to my hero…Superman.

Superhero comics have always been more than an escape for most people and especially young kids.  Superheroes are  popular among kids and adults because they set a high moral standard to be followed.  That is especially true in the D.C. Comic world where their superheroes are not allowed to kill, that is for the bad guys.  Superman, Batman and alike do not kill their adversaries and follow a high moral code throughout their fictional lives.  Superman’s moral code of “Truth, Justice and the American Way” is back and kicking very well, as became evident in the last comic.

I have not really been a Marvel comic fan, although I do like Captain America (who couldn’t like someone who is so fiercely patriotic), but I understand the same code does not exist in the Marvel world.  I do not know that there is a lack of a moral code, but killing by the  “good” guys/gals is permitted.

It should come as no surprise then that Marvel comics may be playing around with the moral envelope with one of their major characters.  Marvel comics has killed off Peter Parker (Spiderman) and has replaced him with another young boy,  Miles Morales who happens to be half Afro-American half Hispanic.  I have no problems with the race of this character, but Marvel may push a few more buttons.  Spiderman may turn out to be “gay“.  Sara Pichelli, the artist for Spiderman was quoted as saying “Sooner or later a black, gay or both-hero may become normal“.  D.C. Comics already has black heroes in their lineup.  Black heroes are normal, as they should be, Ms. Pichelli is a little behind the times when it comes to race relations.

D.C. Comics has toyed with a gay character, but it was not a major character by any stretch of the imagination, that character being Batgirl.  Yeah, there’s a Batgirl, told you it wasn’t a major character.  This move did not improve sells of the comic, instead the Batgirl comic has seen a steady decline in sales over the last few years.

Spiderman on the other hand is the equivalent of Superman or Batman to Marvel sells.  He is one of their top grosser.  Killing off Peter Parker may or may not have hindered the upcoming sells of the Spiderman comic, but it is my guess that introducing the new Spiderman as gay will not increase sells at all.

Why do the comic writers have to enter the politically correct world anyway?  This is the world for kids and kids-at-heart.  This, much like the military, should not be a social experiment.  Most superheroes don’t even need to be identified as having a preference one way or the other.  True Superman has Lois Lane, it has been that way since Siegel and Shuster created him back in 1938.  Batman is a character, that although he is heterosexual, does not find a love interest because he is too busy fighting crime and that is true of most comic heroes.  Peter Parker had his wife, but the new character is supposed to be younger than Peter was when he became Spiderman, in other words too young to worry about sexual tendencies.

Superheroes end up being role models for a number of young kids.  The heroes shouldn’t mess with a child’s mind, causing them to question social rights and wrong.  The hero should be of the utmost character designed to be an unquestioned role model, especially for kids that may not have a father figure in their house (there are a number of kids who have lost their fathers or mothers while they were being true heroes, fighting for our country). 

Please, Marvel comics follow in the footsteps of those brave parents that fight for this country.  Stand up for great role models.

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