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The 2011 Deficit is becoming a Greatest Generations Moment

2011 Deficit ImageThe 2011 Deficit is becoming a Greatest Generations Moment.

Now, from a actual life or death point of view, I would not compare this to the hundreds of thousands who died in WWII to keep us free.  However, I would say, without exaggerating, that the 2011 Deficit battle is one that will define us as a country for years to come.  I believe that this will be a defining moment for our generation (30-50 year olds) as how we and our leaders respond.

You see, the country  is at a crossroads and our leaders need to decide whether they will put their cards on the table, or keep kicking the deficit can down the road.  The opportunity for statesman over politician who’s batting average is so low with the American people, that we are willing to give Lizzy Borden a few whacks.   Are any of them willing to lose or risk their careers in order to be courageous and take a stand?  While we search for John Galt, where is Mr. Smith?

We need to start accepting the fact that my generation (I am 41) will be paying money into a system that will never pay us back.  Am I being dramatic?  No…we here at the Red State Report are being realistic.  We think that Obama, McConnell and Boehner are political whores who are being untruthful with the American People.  Here are some facts from US Debt Clock to show you why this debt is far worse than what any one bill will fix:

  • US Debt per citizen is now approaching $47,000 for every man, woman and child (the real victims in this economic hurricane that is coming).  For the actual taxpayers, it is actually $131,000 per person.
  • Our Tax Revenue is currently about $2.2 Trillion for this year.  Our Budget Deficit is about $1.4 Trillion Dollars/Year
  • Our two largest government programs, Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security are roughly $1.6 Trillion Dollars.
  • Defense, our 3rd largest government expenditure is about $703 Billion Dollars/year
  • If no one else joined the Social Security and Medicare rolls (which expand every day), our country would have future debts to fund Medicare, Social Security and Prescription Drugs is over $114 TRILLION DOLLARS.  That is over $1,000,000 for every man, woman and child in this country.

If these stats haven’t made you soil yourself yet, here are a couple more for you to ponder:

  • Our country has a total national assets of $75 Trillion Dollars.  That means that we are $40 Trillion Dollars Upside down on just the unfunded debt.
  • The aging baby boomer generation is only just starting to retire.  These numbers are only to get much worse….however much worse that can get.
  • Congress currently assumes a 8% rate of growth in our economy when they create the budgets.  Where they hell have they been the last decade (2nd quarter numbers were revised down to 0.4% growth with the 3rd quarter number being 1.3% growth. Congress’ estimate is a wee bit off).

All of this has happened on three generations watch, including the Greatest Generation.  For those of  us who have kids, you simply must look at them and ask yourself:  “Do they deserve this?!”

The answer is no.  Though not here right now, eventually, inflation will set in.  We can’t just keep printing money and running up deficits without the dollar becoming worthless.  If we do not address this now in a realistic way (Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan is at least a start), our kids, as they become adults, will enter an economic climate that will hamper them for years to come.

Our current leaders are only concerned with saving their skins.  Both Republicans and Democrats have shown themselves, with a few exceptions, to be nothing more than political whores.  Obama is a Whore (obviously), Boehner is a whore and McConnell is a whore.  We need to be honest with the American People and tell them that anyone 50 and below, Social Security and Medicare will not be there as you know.  There may be a generation of us who will pay into the system in order to take care of our parents (who, strangely enough own 73% of the wealth) knowing full well that it will not be there for us.  As far as I am concerned, if these guys can’t be honest with us, as a lot of the Tea Party Republicans have, maybe we should replace all of them too or revisit term limits.

The sad thing is that I believe, behind closed doors, most of the Congressman and Senators know that the future of these programs are doomed, but would rather stay comfortable and fat in Washington than be courageous and risk everything for the good of our Country.  Whenever they speak, I can’t help to think the dribble is coming out of the mouths of Satan’s servants. They tell us that the work they do is hard.  At their age, the only thing that should be hard is their driver’s test and a Wurther’s Original Butterscotch.

That’s okay.  As much as it pisses me off that I pay into a system that doesn’t even give me a decent return on the money, I would gladly continue to do so if I knew there was an end to it.  Our kids should not pay for our mistakes because our generation and our parents generation did not have the cojones to confront Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in an honest manner.  We need to now face this debt with the same attitude that our Grandparents had when they faced down Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire.  This deficit battle is now becoming a life and death battle for our economic future.

Don’t worry just about your parents as you watch them grow older.  You must also now worry about your kids and what’s there for them as they grow up.  That is the real legacy of the 2011 Deficit Battle.

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