By - August 26, 2011

Want A College Scholarship? Go Gay!

Do you not posses the heart of a champion athelete or the brain of an Asian teenager? Do you have a little chance of getting a scholarship based off your talents or hard work?  Did don’t ask don’t tell keep you from being able to fight for your country?  Don’t worry, apply to Elmhurst College and mark  “Yes” on the question “Would you consider yourself to be a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered).

Elmhurst College is the first institution of higher learning that has placed that very question on their application forms.

Being a member of LGBT doesn’t make getting accepted any easier but it does open up the possiblity of getting a scholarship worth one-third the cost of tuition at this private United Church of Christ school, the other two-thirds might come from being an Extraterrestrial.

According to school admistrators, the school is taking this step to help insure diversity on the campus.

Usually diversity means opening up the possibility of scholarships to minorities in dire financial situations, but I guess Elmhurst can redefine the entire meaning of “diversity”.  Why not? They  have done it with the word marriage.

If Elmhurst really wants to be thought of as a “bastion of diversity” then they should offer a scholarship to the new Spiderman.  By allowing gay superheroes into their academic program, this too will set them apart and provide an atomosphere of safety. I personally believe Elhurst should get waaay ahead of the diversity curve. and embrace the psychiatrists  who are seeking to make pedophilia normal in society . Elmhurst should get right out in front of this chance for diversity and offer scholarships to  the pedophiles.  Day-Care class would be worth 6 credits.

These last two stories I have submitted about pedophilia and Elmhurst college, coupled with an earthquake and small hurricane hitting the east coast have me believing the end of the world will sadly be postponed for another few weeks.

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  1. Raven. says:

    This is so racist.

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