By - August 2, 2011

Who Does Our Tax Dollars Support?

The Debt Ceiling debate has been waged now for a couple months.  As the debate unfolded a few truism came forth: Boehner can’t be trusted with much, especially our wallets, and the democrats only want to cut the military. 

The newly passed debt deal “cuts” spending and puts 50% of the cuts on the backs of the military, after Obama already cut the military by 25%.  This time the military cuts belong to the republicans as well.  What easy cuts were missing from this deal?  Number 1-Obamacare was never on the chopping block.  All the republicans who voted for the $105 billion for Obamacare funding in the earlier continued resolution and did not take advantage of cutting it in this deal should lose their jobs, that includes all three of Nebraska’s representatives: Lee Terry, Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry.  It may be safe to say that those guilty republicans are onboard for Obamacare.

Congress took the easy road on the debt deal, cut the military immediately and promise other cuts in the future that have a snowballs chance in hell of actually getting cut beyond baseline.

Democrats would lay down their lives (political lives, they are true cowards and would not actually lay down their own lives) to continue domestic spending and the dems were taking the republicans with them this time. 

What is domestic spending?  We know well what that is, it’s largely Medicare , Medicaid and Welfare.

Just who is it that needs welfare?  Some of those on welfare are truly destitute people who need a little helping hand to get them started, or back in the game.  Unfortunately there are more than a few people who use welfare as a hammock, a way of life and there are a great number of people who scam the system.

Is it really scamming the system though if certain politicians know about it and maybe even encourage it?  Those who use welfare as their way of life and the scammers are the democrats main constituents.  Democrats are constantly trying to increase the welfare roles, by jimmying the income necessary to qualify for welfare or trying to legalize millions of current illegal Hispanic aliens.  These are the people the democrats can count on to vote for them.

When asking, who are we supporting with our tax money, it’s easier to see who we are supporting than to spell it out in picture-less words.  Watch the video as Judge Judy shows us who a welfare recipient is.


The video posted here was posted by Victoria Jackson, who has spent time on Saturday Night Live and can currently be found on Townhall.com and has articles on Breitbart.com.  Yes, another star who is a conservative and from SNL of all places.

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