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Who Is Rick Perry?

Rick Perry has been the focus of attention since announcing his intentions to run for President.  Questions are flying around painting him as a conservative and as a liberal.

Who is Rick Perry?

Here are 10 issues that could give conservatives reasons to worry, story is from chron.com.  I will list the reasons and my opinion to each:

1. His avowed support for the Tenth Amendment.

Perry has often spoken — and written — about his fundamental belief that all powers not explicitly granted to the federal government in the Constitution belong to the states.

Most conservatives would not disagree with this, except the author of the original story from Chron.com stated some conservatives may disagree with his belief that states rights include the right to gay marriage in states that approve it.  I would interject: states rights are states rights, if New York wants to allow gay marriage that is their Constitutional right.  If you are someone who disagrees with New York’s move, fine move to another state (New York is too liberal anyway, moving may be a good idea).

2. Immigration

Rick Perry consistently supported allowing illegal aliens to pay in-state tuition at Texas’ state colleges and universities.

Why treat illegal immigrants differently than out-of-state students.  Perry’s views here is clearly unfair to those who play by the rules.  Perry is patently wrong on this issue.

3. Toll roads

Gov. Perry has expanded toll roads.  I really don’t have a problem with this approach as an alternative to raising taxes.  Ideas like this have worked well in other states like Indiana.

4. The Trans Texas Corridor and private property rights

Toll road would have resulted in the government seizing through its “eminent domain” powers about 81,000 acres of rural land.

I am not a fan of eminent domain.  It’s use is to be limited to roads and this issue deals with roads.  81,000 acres in Texas is equivalent to a one acre yard in any other state.

5. Forced immunizations

Required sixth-grade girls in Texas be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus.

This is an issue Rick Perry has admitted to being wrong on and that makes him a good sight better than Mitt Romney who has defended his disastrous Romneycare in Massachusetts.

6. The state’s debt has doubled under Perry.

Texas had $34.08 billion in outstanding bonds and notes” at the end of the 2009 fiscal year, up from $13.7 billion at the end of fiscal 2001, Perry’s first as governor.

Given our current commander and his spending habits, Gov. Perry has to answer to this.  America is tired of government spending.

7. Some taxes have gone up during Perry’s tenure.

Gov. Perry raised various taxes with the exception of income taxes.  Corporate taxes were raised as well as tobacco taxes.  Gov. Perry will have to square this with the electorate, he has signed an anti-tax pledge.   

8. He endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president.

Given the alternatives that seemed to be a smart move.  Do a comparison: Giuliani or McCain, which would you rather.  My pick would have been Giuliani given the choices in 2008. 

9. He once was a Democrat.

How could he have ever been a Democrat.  OK, that’s it, I can’t vote for him.  What is that you said?  Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat and so was Michelle Bachmann?  Oh, I guess people can see the light.

10. He endorsed Al Gore for president.

The Al Gore Perry endorsed was the Al Gore from 1988.  The pre-psychotic Al Gore before he found Global Warming and lost his mind.

This does come under the guilty by association umbrella, but how about his enemies?  You can judge as much from past friends as you can enemies.

Perry has been a thorn in Obama’s side.  Obama’s EPA has tried to take over Texas’ economy because it is not very “green”.  As we know well, Perry is at war with Ben Bernanke and Obama.  Add to that, Perry is not backing down from his “treasonous” statement in the face of the Obama media attacking him which gives him a backbone a lot of Republicans lack.

Other enemies are establishment Republicans, most notably Karl Rove (PeeWee Herman). Karl Rove the architect of Pelosi’s take over of the House and ultimately Rove is responsible for Obama winning, by doing every thing he could to get McCain the nomination.  The Daily Beast has a good article about this very subject.  Other possible establishment Republicans against Perry may be John Boehner as well, as he and other establishment republicans (along with Rove) are trying to get Paul Ryan to enter the race.  This would split the Tea Party votes away from Perry handing the nomination to Romney.

Perry has some questions to answer, but he deserves a look.  Any enemy of the Democrats and establishment Republicans is a friend of mine.

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  1. Albert Gearing says:

    I don’t think you are very honest in your article. You have glossed over the seriously bad actions of Perry, almost giving him a free rise. then you praise him for things that he has been mediocre at best. I don’t think you’re worth reading again.

  2. Bildeberg Perry says:

    I’m a conservative and a Texan. There is no way under heaven that I would ever vote for this charlatan and imposter.

    In my opinion, there is only ONE real Republican running in 2012…Dr. Ron Paul.

  3. Jimmy James says:

    I don’t see how Rick Perry is someone who the real Tea Party can support. The real TEA Party was started in 2007 at a Ron Paul rally in Boston Harbor. The current “Tea Party” that I keep getting emails from doesn’t even mention Ron Paul so it’s a front organization that the insiders have taken control of. If this Tea Party likes Rick Perry this week, but then he dies out, then they will try someone else like Paul Ryan or anybody that will stick. But the real TEA Party is more oriented towards Dr. Ron Paul who has been a man of his word for many many years. Rick Perry just broke a direct promise to the people of Texas who elected him last cycle where he promised not to run. Christians usually don’t like so directly. I think Perry should resign just like he tried to make state Senator White resign in the last election, and got votes for trying to make him quit the senate.

  4. Skip Chatterson says:

    Actually the Tea Party we all know and love was started by another man…Rick Santelli http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2010/01/25/rick-santelli-gets-credit-for-tea-party-movement. It was his rant on CNBC that got the movement started. The Tea Party shares many of the views of Ron Paul, but seriously seperate from Ron Paul’s blame America view on 9-11. Ron Paul is a libertarian and the Tea Party is conservative which differs on foreign policy and drug laws. Rick Perry may not be the conservative he is trying to portray himself as, and in time the truth will come out.

  5. Drew says:

    This story misses a lot. Regarding the vaccinations, there was an opt out option. Regarding being a Democrat, so was Reagan. As for Gore, 20 years ago, Gore was a Conservative Democrat who favored liberating Kuwait from Iraq.

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