By - August 13, 2011

Why Spending Must Be Cut

In this the post debt debate, post financial downgrade time period, all we hear is how taxes need to be raised to turn the economy around.  The Tea Party members are getting attacked for their insistence on a no new taxes pledge.  Never mind that everybody knows spending cuts are as likely to occur as the Cubs winning the World Series (Actually the Cubbies have a much better shot at their goal then Obama has of cutting a pennies worth of spending).

Why do we need to concentrate on spending cuts before we even entertain tax increases?  Here is a good reason why, the Indian Affairs Committee is holding their conference in….Hawaii!  How many Indian tribes reside in Hawaii?  My guess is…None!  The trip for the members is paid for in total by you and me, the taxpayers.  Why are these members having their meeting in Hawaii then?  Simple answer, because they can!  Congress controls the purse, so they get to spend our money how they like.  Most all of the members going down to Hawaii are Democrats, minus one Republican.

More examples of wastefully government spending, playing around on our money.  Michelle Obama has spent 42 days in this last year, on vacation.  These are vacations she and her girls go on outside of vacations with the President.  Don’t forget, these vacations are mostly paid for by you and me.  Last year we have paid for Michelle’s vacations to: Panama City, FL., Vail CO., Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America and most recently a trip to Corvallis, Ore. to visit her brother.  I don’t have problem with Michelle visiting her brother, but don’t make me pay for it.  Nobody pays for my trips to visit my family.  This list does not include other trips this year taken with the President, trips to Ireland, Great Britain and other visits to Martha’s vineyard which would add dramatically to that 42 days of vacation.  Do you get 42 days or more for vacation a year?  Were you able to take extravagant trips to exotic places last year?  My guess is “no” on both questions.  Most of us are just trying to make ends meet in this down economy where most incomes decreased over previous years, if we are lucky enough to have a job.

Add to the other extravagant spending the constant parties/concerts the Obama’s throw at the White House, on a weekly basis.  Top acts are paid to perform at the White House, by you and me.  Did you have your favorite singing artist perform at your house?  Could you even afford to go to a concert at all this year?  Well we paid for those acts to perform in front of the Obama’s.

Democrats tell us the problem with the economy is the rich aren’t paying their fair share.  Never mind the fact that the wealthiest 10% pay 75% of the taxes collected annually.  When we examine government spending we find a lot of wasteful spending, on the Obama’s and Congressional members and their families.  Add into that all the political favors paid out to special interests and you can image the spending gets out of control.

When is the last time there was actually a cut in a programs baseline budget (outside the military, which the democrats love to cut)?  There has never been an actual cut off of baseline.  The only cuts made are cuts made off the projected increases in spending, so there has never been real cuts, just real increases in tax burdens.

When Debbie Wasserman Schultz (insane chairperson of the DNC) squawks about the republican candidates not agreeing to tax increases measured against promised spending cuts, it’s because the candidates know the cuts will never happen but the tax increases will.  So to Debbie and all other idiot Democrats: when you actually cut trillions of dollars off the budget’s baseline, outside the military maybe get rid of Obamacare and cut the EPA and IRS, then we can discuss a possible tax increase.  There will not be and should not be any compromise on taxes until cuts have already occurred!


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