By - September 15, 2011

Can It Get Worse Than Solyndra, For The President?

The excrement is hitting the fan over the Obama administration’s involvment in giving Solyndra $535 million of our money.  Solyndra’s trouble and it’s involvment with Obama was documented here at Red State Report with the story The Great Economic Stimubust as far back as March.

The Feds are digging deep into the possibility of fraud by Solyndra and possibly some of the Obama administration.  Can it get any worse?  With the mobster in chief it can always get much worse. 

The Daily Beast released a story “White House Pressure For A Donor”.  This story chronicles another White House benefit for a major Obama donor.

Obama officials stepped in for LightSquared a telecommunications business owned by Obama donor, Philip Falcone.  LightSquared had been working on a large scale wireless project but the military had the possibility of standing in the way.  The Pentagon was worried this wireless project would interfere with the military’s sensitive GPS system.  Four star general William Shelton was set to testify in front of Congress about the concerns at the Pentagon, but  in the general’s words  the White House tried to pressure him to change his testimony to make it more favorable to a company tied to the large Democratic donor Philip Falcone”.

According to The Daily Beast:  The White House confirmed Wednesday that its Office of Management and Budget suggested changes to the general’s testimony but insisted such reviews are routine and not influenced by politics.

The White House is trying to tell the public that it is routine for Presidents to interfere with a testimony in order to make it beneficial to a donor, even at the detriment to the military and possibly causing the deaths of military members.  OK, I’m convinced!  All Presidents handled the Presidency like a mob boss, ordering benefits for friends at the cost of other lives.

This is just one of many examples of the lawlessness from this administration.  Add this example to the top of the heap that includes, Fast and Furious, Solyndra and now LightSquared.

Things may get much worse as light shines on this administration.  Jimmy Carter has to feel good about all this, he no longer is the worst President ever.

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  1. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    Jimmy Carter may very well reclaim the Worst President Ever label, especially if something worse than Solyndra surfaces for the Zero, namely evidence that the “birth certificate” he released in April turns out to be a forgery as scores of typography, software and document experts are claiming. In that case he will never have been a legitimate president but rather the Worst Con Artist Ever. I apologize if my comment causes your website to land on the radar of AttackWatch.com that was just launched by his brownshirts.

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