By - September 1, 2011

EPA To Kill The Coal Industry

Obama has warned us, he told us in 2008 he will bankrupt coal plants.

Congress has failed to give Obama his much sought after Cap-&-Trade bill, so Obama has done the next best thing…empower the EPA to enforce his will.

The EPA is currently seeking an unprecedented re-write of the clean air act which is aimed at shutting down a large portion of the coal industry.

President Obama could enact an executive order forcing a moratorium on these new upcoming EPA rules, but what is the likelihood of that happening when the EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, is Obama’s hand picked administrator.

The new rules would take up to 56 Gigawatts of energy off the power grid.  That is the equivalent of all the power used in Florida and Mississippi.  The rules the EPA is getting ready to enforce would require major green upgrades for the entire coal industry by 2015, which experts are saying would be impossible to complete by then, and too expensive to complete.  The result will be forced shut downs of all coal plants that can not be compliant by 2015. 

You and I would be directly affected with rolling brown outs and sky-rocketting energy bills.  I would put in my own solar panels or windmill, but those are too expensive and I live in an area with many old trees cutting down on wind and sunlight.  I could cut down all the old trees surrounding my house, but the EPA would probably have me arrested for causing too much CO2 to be released in the atmosphere with my gas powered chain saw and killing the conversion of CO2 to O2 from lack of trees.

As the 2012 election nears, we must remember who Obama is: Obama is a far left liberal with a communistic ideology.  Look what four years have given us: sustained 9% unemployment and this move by the EPA will send thousands more workers into the unemployment lines, record number of individuals using food stamps,  budgets built to bankrupt America, empowered Workers Unions which is the equivalent of strong-armed thugs (see examples of Union members beating people who oppose the union viewpoints or see the millions of dollars of damage done to Wisconsin’s state house by union thugs), persistent attempts to “spread the wealth” to Obama’s constituents, and continued attempts to control private property through EPA measures, then there is the centralization of the health care system as well as the student loan program.  

Four more years will only entrench Obama’s policies, making them nearly impossible to reverse and guaranteeing our children a future that is not as bright as the future you and I were handed by past generations.

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