By - September 29, 2011

Obama & Holder Sponsored Homicides. UPDATE 9-29

The failed Obama administration program that was “Fast and Furious”has been chronicalled here on Red State Report with the stories, The Biggest Story You’ll Never See In A Majority Of The Media  and Proof Obama and Holder Responsible For Fast and Furious.

When writing those stories I believed the driving force behind the program was a failed attempt at trying to control the Mexican drug cartels.  Why would I believe anything else, name a program Obama has come up with that actually worked.  So it seemed logical that this program was just another horribly failed program thought up by pointy headed professor types that have never actually done anything real in society.

I didn’t go along with those who insisted the “Fast and Furious” program was all about gun control.  I even doubted the renown Rush Limbaugh, the man who has a 99.6% accuracy rate.  Who am I to have doubted the Maja Rushie?

I am now on board, after reading this story: Gunwalker Goes To The Hoosier State, by HotAir.com.  According to this story, “Fast and Furious” was operational in Indiana.  The federal government essentially provides cover for straw purchasers to take delivery of weapons without interference from state or local officials.  These weapons would end up in the hands of various gang members then turn up at multiple crime scenes.  The Feds would go so far as to run interference with the local authorities to allow the guns to be purchased.

Running this program well within the states doesn’t make sense (not that it made any sense before).  It’s obvious this was not targeting Mexican drug cartels, this was just targeting innocent citizens.  If this happened in Indiana, I have no doubt this program will be sniffed out in many other states.  It is beyond obvious now, Fast and Furious was all about gun control.  If the Obama administration could make it look like there was a lot of gun violence from unlawful gangs (be they Mexican or run of the mill city gangs) then surely the American public would stand up and demand gun control, the kind Obama likes…total gun control.

Fast and Furious is Obama and Holder sponsored homicide!!

UPDATE: Proof Operation Fast and Furious is even worse than originally thought.

Evidence is coming forth showing that the ATF not only watched as Mexican drug agents purchased guns from dealers then did nothing to apprehend the agents, instead watched the guns go into Mexico, now it appears the ATF got into the gun dealing directly.  Using taxpayer money the ATF purchased guns then re-sold them to known drug agents from Mexico.  This puts the federal government directly in the middle of this operation.

Of course you haven’t heard any of this in the mainstream media.  What if this operation occurred under the Bush administration with American and Mexican deaths as the result?  Bush and Cheney would have been publicly hung from the nearest tree, but since it’s the Obama administration…crickets.

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  1. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    Interesting theory. I had been trying to figure out why the Justice Dept. would do such a thing. My best guess was that it wanted for the violence to get out of hand so as to make the war on drugs seem like a failure and thus give Obie cover to end it.

  2. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    P.S. The Fort Leavenworth federal penitentiary will be seeing a dramatic spike in its occupancy should it turn out that Obie and his peeps indeed have been putting American lives in danger to serve their own political ends.

  3. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    Well, well, well, this case has gotten more interesting now that Fox News reported this morning the discovery of emails suggesting that the FBI is covering up the fact that a third gun was found at a border agent’s murder scene before it “disappeared”: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/09/09/exclusive-third-gun-linked-to-fast-and-furious-identified-at-border-agents/

  4. Orebettz says:

    I don’t see how this could further the cause for gun control in the US. I would think just the opposite would result. American citizens seeing all of the violence spreading below and above the border are more apt to gun-up than disarm. I think it goes much deeper and has gone on far longer than suspected. Remembering back to Obama’s campaign; he said he wanted a civilian army, as well armed and as well funded as our regular military. I wondered at the time (and was arfaid I knew the answer) why the Commander In Chief of the best fighting force in the world would feel like he needed an additional civilian army on American soil. My theory is that Fast and Furious is only a part of supplying his militant ‘troops’ on both sides of the border with arms. If this Occupy Wall Street fiasco causes one spark to ignite, watch out! “If they bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun.” —- candidate Obama. Wasn’t that the way it went?

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