By - September 6, 2011

Obama’s Re-election Right Hand, ACORN

There was no shock or surprise when ACORN was found guilty of many voter fraud occurrences.  Congress was right to defund ACORN, even though money kept going to ACORN under the table through other arms of ACORN unknown to the public.

Surely with the reputation  ACORN has worked hard to give itself, that of an unlawful enterprise, one would think it unwise for any candidates to touch ACORN in any way with the upcoming elections.
Most politicians would not touch this institution except Obama, the one politician who doesn’t let the law or Constitution get in his way.  Don’t like DOMA, unilaterally declare it unconstitutional and refuse to defend it.  Don’t like laws against illegal immigration, just have your corrupt DOJ refuse to prosecute any illegal immigration cases.  Don’t like election laws, again have your corrupt DOJ, lead by Eric Holder  refuse to prosecute again (as in the Black Panther case).
Yes, Obama don’t need no stinking laws.
Recently President Obama named Project Vote to head up his 2012 voter registration initiative.
Project Vote is ACORN’s voter registration arm.  There is no difference between Project Vote and ACORN, they use the same offices, the same people and the same money.

Project Vote is steeped in voter fraud.  It’s field director, Amy Busefink, was convicted of two counts of conspiracy to commit voter fraud in Nevada.  A crime she received one year of probation and a $4000 fine for.  Out from underneath the penalties Amy is ready to go back to work.  I’ll bet she can improve on the measly two counts of voter fraud this time around.

When you are facing an election year and 27% of your own party wants another nominee, you have to pull out all the stops, no matter how illegal they may end up being.
Don’t be surprised if you get a person knocking at your door wanting to register your family pets and be willing to help your pets vote in 2012.  Who knows there may be some really good cat and dog treats for your pets in the exchange.

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