By - October 21, 2011

Governor Heineman or Governor Milk Toast?

Governor Heineman Trans Canada PipelineThere has been a lot of speculation as to what Governor Heineman will do when he leaves the Governor’s Office in two years. Romney’s VP? Secretary of Ag? Lobbyist?

My suggestion: Sing high tenor for the Vienna Boy’s Choir… I will let your imagination fill in the blanks!

It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. His position on the Trans-Canada Pipeline has confirmed, yet again, that  Governor Heineman has no cojones!

Consider, in contrast, the brazen Coach Tom Osborne – Congressman, three-time National Championship winner, and Nebraska icon – who lost his own congressional district for having the brass nuts to suggest illegal aliens – read:  The children of illegal Mexicans who grew up in Nebraska schools and have no recollection of Mexico – should be able to attend the University of Nebraska for instate tuition. Scandalous. In Nebraska, we hate Mexicans more than we love championship football.

Between his position on instate tuition for illegal aliens and his position that Class I schools could be used as bastions of segregation, Coach Tom Osborne, with balls of steel, successfully surrendered a fifty-point lead in the polls to concede defeat to a short, fat, chinless wonder.  Governor Heineman, who despite being an Army Ranger, spent the Vietnam War Era in Hawaii, where we assume he learned how to thrive as a eunuch.

Since then, Governor David Eugene Heineman’s ability to “lead” through polling has only intensified.

For example, early in the CIR reform debate, the Governor punted, essentially stating he was not going to take the lead on reform and other stakeholders needed to head the charge.   When pressured by the Omaha business community, he offered his support for meaningful reform, without defining his terms.

For another example, look no further than the Auditor’s recent audit report of the foster parent system to see Heineman at his finest. T he Governor’s position was to first criticize the Auditor for not making the report available to him ahead of time and then go silent as the Auditor defended it was. No demand for reform of the foster care system. No heads will roll speeches.

Finally, on the pipeline, the Governor offers that he supports the pipeline, but not through the route through the Sand hills, although he offers no alternative and fails to call a special session.  He also offers no explanation for the science behind his findings.  Instead, he states the polls support a majority of Nebraskans don’t want it through the Sand hills, he blames the Secretary of State (Democrat), and claims it is a federal issue. In a Republic, we expect our elected leaders to take a position based on science, not polling. Government through public opinion polls is not leadership.

Not all the fault can fall on Governor Dave. God knows, as Lt. Governor under Johanns, he would have seen no displays of testicular strength from Johanns, who made a career of milk toast In fact, one can attest to Johanns success in politics as a direct result to his inability to man up, but  Governor Heineman has taken hypogonadism to a higher level.

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