By - October 5, 2011

Love Affair With Chris Christie

The Presidential candidate field on the republican side is chock full of people with ranging views from solid conservatives (Bachmann, Santorum, and Cain) to the foreign policy wacky (Ron Paul), the pro-pot candidate (Gary Johnson and he isn’t even the Green Party’s nomination), the pro-marriage candidate (Newt Gingrich– he likes it so much he can’t stop doing it)  and to compete with the leftist movement we have Jon Huntsman.  And finally for the Mccain in you, the  waffling moderates are not left out in the cold, having Romney on their side or the other side.

With all the choices, why were some many “conservatives” clamouring for Chris Christie to jump in?  It is a moot point right now, as Christie has declared he is not ready to run for the Presidency, but who knows he could still change his mind.

What is it about Christie that has so many “conservatives” swooning over him?  The majority of those pining for Christie are Bushies, but then there is Ann Coulter, a true conservative who doesn’t need her credentials checked. She is a complete enigma that only a cream pie tosser could explain.  She has become very crafty at dodging  pies and defends Gov. Christis to a fault.  Are these people the equivalents of a Peggy Noonan with respect to Obama? (Peggy, once a speech writer for Reagan was thought a hard line  conservative  until her cult-like love of Obama)

Christie has been more than tough on the public sector unions, and he deserves kudos for that.  He joined other popular governors Kasich and Walker in locking horns with the unions.  A pretty brave act considering the unions disdain towards any opposition to their idealogy.

Chris Christie is Pro-Life and he is pro-tax cuts.  Christie even revoked the “Jersey Shore tax”, that paid for the members of the TV show to get tanning session off the New Jersey taxpayer and he should consider a tattoo and hair gel tax on the cast members.

Beyond that Christie has been suspect.  Mr. Christie refused repeatedly to join the litagation against Obamacare, giving a multitude of excuses to why he couldn’t join in, many of the excuses being without merit.

Gov. Christie is nearly arm and arm with Al Gore on global warming. It must be the heat generated from the buffet lights he spends so much time around that has him convienced. Christie has the belief that global warming is man-made.  I got news for the governor, global warming is man made…the entire controversy is man contrivived, the earth is actually cooling.

Mr. Christie nominated a Muslim lawyer who represented Islamic terror suspects, to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Mr. Christie has been hard to nail down on his view concerning illegal immigration.  Mr. Christie has also been hard to nail down on gun rights as well.  As I was told growing up, “never trust a man with two first names”, Ron Paul included.

When there are solid conservatives already in the race to choose from, why would “conservatives” want a man like Christie to jump in?  It can’t be the thought that all of our candidates are “unelectable”.  Have you seen Herman Cain spin the media in his direction?  Mr. Cain could have Obama in the fetal position crying in the corner if they debate each other.  That is not to take away from the other candidates, who could easily use Obama has batting practice, in a debate.

Do these people want Christie in because he would take support away from Romney?  There could be the most likely answer, if we are to believe somebody like Ann Coulter has not lost her mind.

There may be a little room left in the pool of candidates running on the republican side, but if Christie jumps in there won’t be any water left.

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  1. Bob D says:

    I think you nailed the answer to your question as to why christie is so popular here. He hasn’t publicly taken any positions on any foreign policy, at least not publicly. I defy you to find a clear position on Israel or withdrawing the troops. This makes him acceptable to the neocons. He has probably assured AIPAC of his support of US taxpayer give aways to Israel and THE WEEKLY STANDARD that he will continue the perpetual wars, but he hasn’t stated this publicly. He doesn’t have to. He is a governor who is not running for president.

  2. Nebraska transplant in California says:

    I used to be excited about Christie but no more, now that it’s apparent that he is more of a RINO. It’s time for a true conservative to take the reins after eight years of Bush hurting the conservative cause by compromising too much with the lefties and now three years of sheer madness in the Age of Obama. I’d almost rather let the moderates stew in their own juices for another four years if they stupidly allow the undocumented fraud to continue usurping the presidency or go with a candidate who is no better than Bush when it comes to conservatism.

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