By - October 13, 2011

Obama Apologizing To Terrorist’s Families

Perhaps Bill Clinton started this tendancy during his Presidency.  Remember Clinton’s “apology tour” where he apologized to all those he felt where wronged in some way by America, at some time in history? He even inspired, Uranus Senator, Larry Craig for having a “wide stance” in a public restroom.  I like to remind you of some famous non- apologies:  Ronald Regan dropping a bomb on the French embassy after France didn’t allow our bombers to use their air space on a bombing run on Libya.  And Harry S. Truman didn’t apologize to the Japanese for dropping the “big one” twice in their backyard? (Oops, Obama tried to apologize for that, Japan told him to shove it)

Barack Obama picked up on the previous (and not the latter) and started apologizing as well, mostly to Muslim countries.  Shame on all those capitalist-Christians pigs living in America.

The Obama administration took it one step further recently apologizing to Samir Khan’s family for killing Samir.  He went even further and apologized for being slightly late with the U.S. apology.  Was Samir killed by mistake?  Was he collateral damage?  No!  Samir was Saudi born and raised in New York, but revoked his citizenship and committed his life to the fatwa against the United States.  He was the latest recipiant of a drone strike by the military.  It is pretty much like those lawn darts (from the 70″s) hitting you with the force of a VW bug.  Will he ask Allah for 72 Muslim or American virgins?

Khan was the editor for a Jihadist english language magazine “Inspire”.  Inspire is a magazine that urges Muslims to mount deadly attacks on U.S. targets.  Samir was intergal in recruiting Western Muslims (to include young American Muslims) to jihad against the United States.  Samir was in contact with Mohamed Mohamud, the young student who plotted an attack during the Christmas lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon last year.  Thankfully our intel community, under duress from the democrat party, is still performing admirably.

This begs the question: Who do we apologize to?  Do we apologize to the family of Nidar Hasan, the piece of dog manure who massacred innocent people at Fort Hood, after we fry him?  Should we apologize to the radical Muslim world for putting two additional holes in Bin Laden’s head?

Obama only recently started visiting the wounded soldiers coming back from Afghanistan (we know it’s election time now).  Does Obama apologize to them for putting them in harms way, while tying their hands behind their backs with unreasonable rules of engagement?  Obama is never at fault for anything so I doubt there is any apology, unless he is blaming Bush.

At least now potential terrorist have one more thing to look forward to if they get taken out by the U.S. military in their quest to kill Americans.  Not only do they get 72 virgins (chuckle, chuckle) but their families will get an apology call from the Obama administration.  SCORE!

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