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Obama’s Foreign Policy, The Boy Scouts & The Muslim Brotherhood

The mainstream media was having a field day when  Moamar Khadhafi was finally popped.  It was billed as another foreign policy success for Obama and the Arab Spring that garnered the full support of the Obama regime.

I guess I measure success in a different way.  The Berlin Airlift was a great success, it kept Berlin out of the hands of  Communist.  Rebuilding Germany and Japan was money well spent.  We gained great allies out of previous enemies.  I am not sure how Obama is looking at the Middle East, but the results are comparatively worse than the aforementioned examples.

Egypt is cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood which is no friend to any religion outside of Islam.  Coptic Christians are now being executed throughout Egypt.

Libyan officials have recently announced the country will be run under Sharia Law, which is perfectly in line with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The State Department is attempting to get Afghani officials to make nice with the Taliban, even after the Taliban killed Afghanistan’s peace envoy and firebombed the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan.  The Taliban are just a misunderstood peaceful lot only interested in living in peaceful anonymity.  Yeah, right!

Movements throughout the Middle East have been toward a more fundamentalist Islamic belief, which leaves no room for religious freedom.  Iraq is slowly moving toward fundamentalism as many Iraqi’s who are Catholic are being slaughtered.  Of course Obama has announced the complete withdraw of American forces from Iraq within the year.

Under the watchful eye of the Obama administration much of the Mid East is slipping into the hands of  extremist from the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to bring the entire world under Sharia law. 

It was a surprise to me when I read an article outing the Boy Scouts.  I am a fan of the Boy Scouts, but I do have to wonder what is going on when I read about the Muslim Brotherhood having ties to the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts have always been known to be inclusive of all religions, to include Islam.  The Boy Scouts incorporated the National Islamic Committee on Scouting under it’s banner.  The NICS is the Muslim counterpart to the Boy Scouts of America, allowing their scouts to earn merit badges or emblems by participating in religious activities.  The problem is the NICS is partnered with the Islamic Council on Scouting of North America, or ICSNA, which works officially with the Boy Scouts of America, as well.  The ICSNA was chaired by Muzamil Siddiqui, an Islamic scholar who served as chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee of a Muslim Brotherhood-founded organization, the Muslim Students Association.

Siddiqui has been quoted with such inclusive comments as:

“By participating in a non-Islamic system, one cannot rule by that which Allah has commanded. But things do not change overnight. Changes come through patience, wisdom and hard work.”


“I believe that as Muslims, we should participate in the system to safeguard our interests and try to bring gradual change for the right cause, the cause of truth and justice (Sharia Law). We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction.”


What better place to start indoctrination than with the youth, it worked for Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood supported Hitler during WWII.  While this does not affect the Boy Scouts itself, this does allow American Muslim boys an avenue toward that indoctrination by using something as wholesome as the Boy Scouts to twist the minds of these young boys.
I am not sure why the BSA is partnering with such extremist groups, but I’m sure they would not be excited to give out merit badges for making explosive suicide vests, or improved techniques for honor killings.  We have to be watchful, the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to force the world into Sharia law through back door methods using many countries current laws to their advantage.
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  1. Mark says:

    As a scout father I can say without hesitation that my son will be out of scouting the instant muslim anything is introduced into his experience. It hasn’t happened yet, but when/if it does on a large scale, scouting in America will come to an end, after 100 years so far.


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