By - October 18, 2011

Who Are The “Occupy” Crowd

The mainstream press has compared the Occupy crowd to the Tea Party movement, but I detect a sight difference.   Maybe it’s the filth the Occupy crowd lives in, or maybe the rampant sex and drugs, but there is a definite and huge difference between these two movements.  The Occupy crowd has a lot of support from many groups, to include the Communist Party (see the first video posted) to the Socialist Party and don’t forget the American Nazi Party supports this movement as well.  Much of the funding has been linked back to billionaire Wall Street capitalist George Soros, which is quite the dichotomy given the goals of this group.


It has been found that Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC has been helping the Occupy crowd organize a message.  If this is how Dylan helped them, I would look to somebody else.  Of course these messages you will see in these video’s will not hit the main stream media.  Image if a Tea Party member had uttered anything close to this or if they had uttered any of the many anti-Semitic slurs that have popped up in this Occupy crowd.

The second video posted here gives the views from many participants in the Occupy Oakland crowd.  If the Communist Party of Chicago didn’t scare you in the first video, the views of these people will send chills down your spine.  Karl Marx would be so happy with the Oakland crowd, they are ready to start up a Bolshevik revolution right now.  Their views are horribly distorted which makes you wonder where they got the ideas they are puking out of their mouths.


The last video displays what I believe is the essence of this movement.  This last video shows a TV reporter from Portland OR as she voices her complete support and understanding of the Occupy Portland crowd.  The reporter, Jamie Wilson, laments how unfairly she is paid by her employer, because she can’t pay her enormously large student loan debt or her large house mortgage, she admitted she had to get because she wanted the American dream.  Lars Larson out of Portland found out this reporter attended a college that cost $40,000/year to attend.  If she was lucky enough to graduate in 4 years she has $160,000 in loans.  Who thinks a report’s salary can pay for that, let alone a home mortgage?  I guess there’s a reason she is not an accountant, because she obviously didn’t consider cost to the ability to pay after graduation.


This crowd is made up of spoiled brats who had every thing handed to them in life by their parents.  Now when it’s time to make it on their own, they don’t understand why they can’t have everything they want and still have somebody else pay for it.

Who would dare stand up for this crowd?  Well democrats, of course.  Nancy Pelosi has already gave her support for this group and some in the Obama administration plan on using this movement to energize Obama’s campaign.  Who would be surprised that Obama would support an anti-Semitic, communist crowd, certainly not the people in the 9th district of New York.  Those of the Jewish faith in the 9th district have woke up.  Will the rest of the country follow suit and see Obama for what he is…Obama is all that is bad about the Occupy Crowd.

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  1. Mark says:

    Others supporting these nuts: Nancy Pelosi, Obama and his administration, the democratic party, the KKK (David Duke), unions, ACORN (still alive and supported by Obama), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), and just about every liberal, anti-American group imaginable. Also, according to New America “the same forces propelling the protests in Egypt and across the Middle East are largely responsible for financing the “organized chaos” on Wall Street”.

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