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UPDATE: Mr. Cain It Smells Like Chicago Politics, Not Pizza

UPDATE: Video at bottom proves who is telling the truth.

The left wing media (that being all major media with the slight exception of Fox News and Talk Radio) are as excited about the accusers against Herman Cain as a child is about the approaching Christmas holiday.

CNN devotes much of it’s broadcast to asking Mr. Cain to come clean, in other words, tell them all the details the women are claiming are the truth. 

MSNBC has been asking if white conservatives will back a black candidate who allegedly harassed blonde white women.  Who’s the racist now?

All the major media is acting as if all the accusations are unquestionably true.  Are the stories from the two women willing to talk, true?  Is the media even asking about Cain’s spotless history at all his other jobs?  Apparently Mr. Cain was just a sexual deviate during his three short years at the National Restaurant Association.

Sharon Bialek was the first women brave enough to aire her story.  Flanked by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Ms. Bialek went on a media blitz, looking very comfortable and happy to be in front of all those cameras.

Establishment republicans the likes of Karl Rove don’t help anybody when he states that Bialek’s claims now have credence now that Gloria Allred is at her side.  Hey, Pee Wee Rove, do you remember Gloria Allred represented the stripper Crystal Gale Magnum against the Duke Lacrosse players?  Ms. Allred did a great job of convicting those young Duke players, all but actually publicly hanging them, until it was discovered Ms. Magnum was lying.   Pee Wee Rove should give a better accounting of those he gushes over, Ms. Allred is a media hound.                                          

Pee Wee Rove

 Ms. Bialek’s story is very flaky at best.  Who flies half way across the country to ask the CEO of a company for your job back?  Ms. Bialek has a sorted history with money and her ability to lose money.   Of course Ms. Bialek is from…Chicago and is a resident in David Axlerod’s apartments in Chicago.

CNN was billing the first accuser, Karen Kraushaar, as an upstanding, hard working women who was to be trusted completely.   The truth is Ms. Kraushaar is no stranger to complaints against her employers.  Three years after accusing Mr. Cain she waged a complaint against  her next employer the Immigration and Naturalization Service .  Seems her employer wouldn’t allow her to work from home, so Kraushaar made the complaint against the INS seeking multiple thousands of dollars as reimbursement for not allowing her to work from home.  Ms. Kraushaar also ended up making an accusation against her employer for what she considered a sexually insensitive e-mail.

The e-mail in question  lists reasons men and women were like computers, including that men were like computers because “in order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.” Women were like computers because “even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.”   

 I apologize for sexually harassing any of our readers by printing the sorted e-mail.  Did I mention Ms. Kraushaar works in the Obama administration?  Hmm.

It would seem the smell you sense is the smell of Chicago Politics which smells very similar to sewage.  Unfortunately it doesn’t smell anything like a Chicago Pizza or Godfathers Pizza for that matter.

UPDATE:  Software used by police with a 95% accuracy rate was applied to Herman Cain’s speech and Sharon Bialek’s speech.  Watch the video to see who is telling the truth.


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