By - December 28, 2011

Ron Paul, Hop aboard the Crazy Train

AUTHORS: Skip Chatterson and Matty

To think Ozzy Osbourne wrote the best campaign song we could find for the Ron Paul camp.  “Crazy, that’s how it goes.  Millions of people living as foes…”  The Iowa caucus is just around the corner, and currently the caucus is up for grabs.  Anybody could win from Romney to Santorum to even Ron Paul.  We have heard a lot about Ron Paul, the man who is the Constitution itself, but who is Ron Paul really?

Rep. Ron Paul is a man who believes in using the Constitution as the backbone for all that occurs within the federal government.  Surely Rep. Paul would, if elected, get rid of a number of redundant government programs and some government agencies, i.e. the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Interior and Housing and Urban Development.

I admire Rep. Paul’s views on the Constitution and it’s importance to limiting federal government, but Rep. Paul seems to take a divergent view of the Constitution when it comes to foreign policy.

According to Ron Paul we should not have entered the war in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Many share his feelings about Iraq, and some share his feelings about Afghanistan, but it is his reasoning’s that scare me.  Rep. Paul believes our presence in the region gave Al-Qeada and the Taliban a good reason to retaliate as they did…9-11, therefore we should not have gone to war with them because, in essence we caused 9-11.  Ron Paul even suggested there was “glee” in the Bush administration when 9-11 happened because it gave them a reason to go into Iraq.  Nobody enters war with “glee”.

Rep. Ron Paul also does not believe Iran has nuclear capabilities, but if they did they have a right to it because, Iran is surrounded by nuclear states and they should not be bullied.  Iran represents a difference from other nuclear countries because no country with nukes has sworn to wipe another country off the map, as Iran has done many times over when referencing Israel.  Ron Paul does not understand it or believe it.  We can not allow Iran to have nukes, it is bad for Israel and it is bad for America.

Using Ron Paul’s logic, America should not have entered WWII.  It was the Allies fault Germany and Japan got mad and tried to overtake most of the world. Since we were at fault by limiting the militaries of Germany and Japan following WWI, we should have let Germany crush Europe, then eventually America.  A past Ron Paul aide has even suggested Ron Paul told him the U.S. shouldn’t have gotten into WWII to save the Jews.

We have all heard the buzz on the Internet about Ron Paul and the racist newsletter with Ron Paul’s signature copy.  He does not know the editors of his own fan club newsletter.  If this were true, he would be the worst CEO of  fanzine history.  Even Davey Jones made a special visit to Marsha Brady and her highschool.  An older story festering out there is about Ron Paul accepting a campaign contribution from a white supremacist?  Not only did Paul accept the money, he refused to send it back when it was discovered he got money from this slime.  This does not prove Ron Paul is a racist, but how do you think the Obama campaign would spin this story?  Ron Paul, who accepts racist money vs. the black candidate.

When evaluating Ron Paul, a voter will find a person who is beholden to the Constitution on domestic issues and then you will find a person who was chased by Black Helicopters, while wearing an aluminium foil hat, while being probed by aliens, type of person on all things foreign policy.  If we say his name backwards… will he go away?  

Luap Nor (Ron Paul)

 We at the RedStateReport will leave you with a final Ozzy quote,  “I’m going off the rails of the crazy train”.

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Comments (7)


  1. Sandy says:

    Ha. Even Mother Teresa got criticized for taking contributions from certain people. I’m voting for Dr. Paul and NO ONE ELSE!

  2. Wayne Boesiger says:

    That said, Ron Paul is all over the map!

  3. Jeannie says:

    I searched to see if anyone elses theme song for Ron Paul was crazy train! Happy to see it was!!! Awesome!

  4. Larz says:

    This article is rubbish. Ron Paul’s main reason for wanting to bring home all troops around the world is an economic one. In fact most government S

  5. Larz says:

    spending is funded by debt and money creation. Where do you think this will eventually lead the US?

    The racist argument is also rubbish, the Libertarian ideology refutes it and there are many examples of this in Ron Paul’s agenda.

  6. Skip Chatterson says:

    With the recent news that 70% of the governments annual budget goes toward individual assistance and the fact that military spending only increased slightly due to the wars, I think there are many other things to concentrate on outside the wars. True Rep Paul would cut everywhere and it may be time to bring the troops home, but it’s his views about how and when we go to war that is dangerous. Remember, using Paul’s ideology on going to war, we wouldn’t have entered WWII.

  7. Ben says:

    So Skip is just another neo-conservative who believes America should continue being the world police…surprise, surprise. Non-intervention has become the new “isolationism”. There’s a great quote going around the internet….”Calling Ron Paul’s foreign policy isolationist is like calling your neighbor a hermit because he doesn’t throw a rock through your window”

    After voting GOP my entire life, I’M DONE. It’s Ron Paul this year and only Ron Paul.

    I agree with Larz, your article is rubbish. Military spending only increased slightly due to wars? You’re a damn liar. Yellow journalism at it’s best. And “Ron Paul’s views on when to go to war are dangerous”, yet we had GWB bring us into this Afghanistan and Iraq mess. Now who’s dangerous? Congratulations. You have zero credibility.

    -Ben Martin

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