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Gay Marriage…In Comic Books

I have said it before, but it is worth repeating…Comic books are an escape for adults and kids alike, but certainly kids, so don’t use the comic books as a social experiment.

Marvel, it was reported was toying with making the new Spiderman gay (if they did already, I’m not sure, I don’t follow Spiderman) and about a year ago “Archie” comics introduced their gay character… sadly, it wasn’t Jughead.

This year, Archie is going one step further…A gay wedding!

Fresh off of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Lt. Kevin Keller an Iraq war vet is marrying his African-American physical therapist, Clay Walker (No, not the singer…Sounds like movie Delta Farce).  Mr. Keller meets Dr. Clay Walker at a hospital’s rehabilitation unit.  While Dr. Walker helps Kevin regain his ability to walk, the two develop a friendship.  It’s not until a chance encounter at an airport that they start dating, which eventually leads to their marriage in Riverdale.

I believe this to be a dangerous area and I am talking about more than the obvious attempt to indoctrinate kids into backing gay marriage.  This is about the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationships.  It is highly unethical for a doctor to get involved with his patients.  To portray such activity, in a well known comic, is to be complacent and to promote such unethical activities from doctors of all stripes as though it is normal.

Ok, back to reality…of sorts.

This issue of Archie is bringing out rave reviews from such organizations as of course, GLAAD,  LGBT and the ACLU.  The ACLU remarked on the Archie comic as follows:

“It’s exciting that the fictional denizens of Riverdale, like their real world Midwestern counterparts in Iowa, and in five other states (plus D.C.) in the U.S., recognize that the ability to marry and make a lifetime commitment to the person you love is totally normal.  It shows what so many of us already know – what defines a marriage is love and commitment. That is a value the ACLU supports, and we work hard to secure marriage for same-sex couples and win legal recognition for LGBT.

Well, it was liberal judges and a liberal governor who set up gay marriage in Iowa, not the good people of Iowa,  and everybody who had a part in making gay marriage law in Iowa are now unemployed.  So spoke the electorate! I do not recall the issue of Archie where Riverdale voted to legalize gay marriage, but as I stated, its relevance went out with Disco.

This may hurt a bit in the butt, but it is no surprise however that the ACLU only stands for liberal (more likely communist) beliefs.  I guess you might say ACLU stands for…American Crazy Liberal Union.

Ok, I may be going a little overboard about a comic that has clearly seen it’s zenith in sells decades ago.  I would be surprised if kids now-a-days even know about the Archie comics.  I would expect the Liza Menelli crowd will gobble this up.

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