By - January 23, 2012

UPDATE: Islamization of America

Herman Cain was asked, long ago now (obviously long before his exit from the Primary race) whether he would put a Muslim in his Cabinet.  Mr. Cain’s answer was a short…No!  Later Mr. Cain expounded on the answer saying:

“There is this creeping attempt, there’s this attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government. It does not belong in our government.”

Liberals blasted Mr. Cain for saying this but the truth is, the Muslim Brotherhood is well established in America already.  What is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood?  To bring all countries under Sharia Law.

How will the Muslim Brotherhood accomplish their goals?  In captured documents found from FBI raids of Muslim cells over a 30 year period, the plan is spelled out:

1) Expand Muslim presence by birth rate, immigration and refusal to assimilate; occupy and expand domination of physical spaces.  We see this happening in Europe right now, look at France where the Muslim population is almost a majority and it lives under Sharia law.

2) Ensure the Muslim community knows and follows MB doctrine; control the language we use in describing the enemy; ensure we do not study their doctrine; force compliance with shariah at local levels.  US judges have already started to site Sharia law in their decisions, one court decision from New Jersey refused to grant a restraining order against an ex-husband based off Sharia law.

3) Fight all counter-terrorism efforts; employ ‘lawfare’ – the offensive use of lawsuits and threats of lawsuits; claim victimization/demand accommodations; condemn “slander” against Islam; subvert the U.S. education system –There has been documentation of errors in history books found throughout the US that favor Islam against the truth. Click here to download the PDF file which gives a short description.

4)  Infiltrate and dominate U.S. Middle East and religious studies programs; demand the right to practice shariah in segregated Muslim enclaves; demand recognition of sharia in non-Muslim spheres; confront and denounce Western society, laws, traditions; demand that shariah replace Western law.  I have documented the attempts here as Muslim students have sued The Catholic University of America for not setting aside a specific place for Muslims to pray and have also sued Trinity University of Texas for having “In The Year of Our Lord” on their diploma’s.

Remember Huma Abedin?  She is better known as Anthony Weiner’s wife (or might be former wife) but is also Hillary Clinton’s assistant.  Huma’s  mother founded the Muslim Sisterhood, which is the female division of the Muslim Brotherhood and her brother, Hassan Abedin is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and is aquinted with a known terrorist.  How did Huma get the security clearance for her current job?  Does the Muslim Brotherhood now have an inside track to state secrets of the US?

The media will never investigate this.  The media has been very busy covering up any terror activity linked back to Muslims, calling the activity “Lone Wolf” activity, example Major Hasan, a radicalized Muslim in contact with terrorist cells, is referred to as a “Lone Wolf” as if radical Islam and the preaching of radical Islam had nothing to do with his terror.

The Muslim Brotherhood is winning in the elections in Egypt and starting to take Libya over.  Soon the Middle East will be radicalized all while the Brotherhood continues it’s quest on our shores.

It is important to remember, not all American Muslims want Sharia law to rule their lives.  Many American Muslims love this country and the Constitution that is the law of the country.  The problem; Radical Muslims are taught to lie in order to gain credibility, so who are the good guys verses the bad guys?  I am not recommending FDR’s solution to Japanese in America–lock up all Japanese-Americans, but maybe Herman Cain had an idea.  Before you put a Muslim in positions of power, make sure they are beholden to the Constitution and reject Sharia.


Where you aware that Muslims discovered America?  How about; native American Indian Chiefs had Muslim names?  Did you also know that Jesus was a Palestinian man who created Christianity?  Also Jerusalem is an Arab city?

All these claims are contained within the pages of some text books floating around in some American schools.  The textbooks in questions where given to the school systems by some Saudi donors.  Watch the following video which describes all the sorted details.


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