By - January 18, 2012

Jay Carney: Republican’s Caused Record Numbers of Food Stamps

During the latest GOP debate, Newt Gingrich once again termed Obama the “Food Stamp President”.  Newt made this assertion because the amount of people receiving food stamps since 2008 has doubled.

Jay Carney, White House Chief Liar, aka Press Secretary couldn’t let the truth go unquestioned.

Carney had to turn Newt’s claim on it’s head, but I’m not sure he choose the correct course.  Here is Carney’s quote:  

“The economic policies that contributed to the great recession were supported by and are being proposed by I believe all the [Republican candidates],” Carney said during the press briefing Tuesday. Criticizing Republicans for opposing Dodd-Frank regulations, Carney added, “We look forward to the debate with whomever emerges from the primary process.”

After I got done laughing my you-know-what off, I naturally asked these questions:

Dodd-Frank, weren’t they most at fault for the housing situation by blocking any attempts to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  This from democrats who love regulation, at least when it restricts the free market, but when it restricts their pet projects (giving housing loans to those who wouldn’t qualify) they stop any regulation.  It was the housing situation that brought the recession about.

Hasn’t Obama been President for the last 3 years?  If it is the fault of President Bush, then why 3 years later are we continuing to see lay-offs (last weeks unemployment numbers increased, did anybody see that in the major media?)  I thought Obama wasn’t going to sleep until the job situation is under control.  President Obama had his chance to personally puts thousands of people to work by allowing the Trans-Canada Pipeline to be built, but it was just announced Obama will not allow it to be built.  Obama states the Republican’s  did not allow for enough time to perform a proper environmental study.  This issue has been out there for over a year, what do you mean “you don’t have enough time to do an environmental study”?  There is 625,000 miles (enough to circumvent the globe 25 times) of pipeline streaming through the US and some of it goes directly through the Aquafer in Nebraska, without any problems, so what needs to be studied?

Wasn’t it the Stimulus plan that decreased the threshold for being able to get food stamps?  How many Republicans voted for the Stimulus plan?  Oh, I believe there were NO republicans who voted for the stimulus.

Jay, we too are looking forward to debating Obama on this issue.  Let’s make this the central issue.

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