By - January 24, 2012

Obama Still In Fantasyland

Recently Obama took a trip to Disney World (yet another vacation) and his new campaign ad proves he hasn’t left the land of make-believe.

Obama’s new ad claims his administration to be one of the most ethical.  I guess if you forget about “The Fast and the Furious” scandal, Solyndra and LightSquared scandal , Unconstitutionally making appointments while the senate is not in recess, Taking over GM and Chrysler then going against bankruptcy laws to make sure the Unions get a majority share in those companies, Being willing to re-write laws in order to get his healthcare passed, Unilaterally declaring DOMA unconstitutional and ordering his DOJ to not defend it anymore, and forcing religious institutions to go against their beliefs to force them to offer insurances that cover for abortion pills, then “yes” Obama’s might be the most ethical administration, right in front of Nixon’s, Andrew Johnson’s, and Woodrow Wilson’s.

Obama’s commercial also claims that the US use of foreign oil is down under 50% for the first time in decades.  This might be due to the ailing economy.  US demand for gasoline has dropped to it’s lowest level in 10 years and that’s not due to a slew of electric cars on the road because electric cars have not been extraordinarily popular and GM has recalled every Volt ever produced.

Obama will continue his Fantasyland delusions with his State Of The Union address.  If you listen, the speech will sound more like a Bolshevik revolutionary than the leader of the Free World, as he  pits the employer against the employee and the job creator against the job seeker.

Watch the two following video’s and judge for yourself which is the better of the two.



If you want to help make sure the truthful ad (that being the ad at the bottom of this post) gets more aire time you can click here.

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