By - January 10, 2012

Remember Ole’ Bob?

With the announcement of Ben Nelson’s retirement (I was so hoping to have many more articles exposing him as a liberal), Nelson’s seat is wide open on both sides of the political field, or is it?

The republican side is ginning up for a prime time boxing match between Jon Bruning, Deb Fisher, and Don Stenberg.  This should be an interesting match.  One positive for Treasurer Stenberg, he won’t have to go up against Nelson if he wins the primary.  He lost to Nelson twice before.

The democrat side could be a boxing match as well…if Bob Kerrey doesn’t declare.  Nebraska democrats are hoping Bob would be a shoe in if he runs once again for the Senate and would be unopposed in the primary if he declares.  Kerrey was a popular governor in Nebraska, mostly conservative during is tenure in Lincoln, but most of us have forgotten his tenure in the US Senate, since it has been 12 years since his time in Washington.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to remember who Bob Kerrey the US Senator was.

Quotes taken from the Democrat Underground tells the tale (Liberals love to talk about other successful liberals):

As a Senator, Kerrey had a relatively liberal voting record despite the fact that Nebraska is one of the most conservative states in the union. He was one of only a handful of senators, for example, to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996. Kerrey also led the opposition in the Senate to the proposed flag burning amendment, which failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority needed for passage. His record on economic issues was mixed but generally liberal. He voted against phasing out many farm subsidy programs, voted against lawsuit reform measures such as the Private Securities Litigations Reform Act, and he was one of the twelve senators to vote against the Personal Responsibility Act of 1995, a welfare reform bill vetoed by President Clinton (Clinton finally signed that bill which brought about a great surge in the economy, until Clinton’s tax hike threw cold water on the economy). Kerrey’s record on environmental issues and taxation was more moderate, and he was a strong supporter of free trade and limiting the size of the federal government.

Yes, ole’ Bob was quite the opposite person, once in Washington, I dare say Bob is MORE liberal than Ben Nelson.  As a matter of fact the Democrat Underground was praising Kerrey for being the liberal Nelson wasn’t.

I will never forget the day Bob Kerrey was the 60th and deciding vote for the Clinton tax hike (kind of reminds me of ole’ Ben being the 60th and deciding vote for Obamacare), that brought us a recession in 99′ that lasted until the Bush tax cuts could turn things around.  Seems both Senators are remembered for harming Americans.

If I can give the Nebraska democrats a bit of advice…please run Bob Kerrey for Senate, that would give me so much fun material to write about.  He would be easier to knock out of park than Ben Nelson was going to be.

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