By - February 27, 2012

Gas Price Conspiracy

Gas prices continue to skyrocket and the American public is taking notice.  Obama is taking notice as well, in many campaign speeches Obama has lamented on the fact that oil production is up under his administration.  Part of Obama’s claims are true.  Oil production does seem to be up with imports of oil going down.  There are three reasons for this:

  1. 1. In a poor economy we are using less fuel, especially when gas prices are flirting with or above $4/gallon.
  2. 2. The previous administration (yes, the Bush administration, you remember the oil man who actually lowered fuel prices) opened up drilling and the fruits of that move are now being realized.
  3. Production is up on PRIVATE land especially in the Dakota’s and Montana, but significantly down on federal leases, because Obama has nearly shut down any new oil leases.

That doesn’t explain why gas prices are still high when we have an abundant supply?

Part of that reason is out of the direct control of the Obama administration: Iran!  If Obama handled Iran with anything but kid gloves Iran’s lunacy may not be able to affect us.

The next reason is a bit more devious and well planned by the Obama administration.  It is common knowledge that Obama has said before that he would not be upset to see gas prices skyrocket forcing Americans to seek out alternate fuels.  The devious part comes in when, as President, you can make that happen while appearing to be trying to lower fuel prices by increasing crude oil production.

Crude oil needs to be refined to create gas for your cars, but the rub comes in when you find out refineries all over the US have been shutting down.  EPA regulations, under the direction of Obama, have been making it very difficult to turn a profit for refineries, with the new greenhouse emissions rules the EPA has put in place.

Not only is it difficult for current refineries to operate, Arizona and South Dakota are finding it difficult to open new refineries.  For the first time in 3 decades new refineries are in the midst of being built.  That is if the EPA regulations don’t get in the way.  The refinery in South Dakota has been put on hold, possibly indefinitely because of EPA road blocks.  An Indian tribe from North Dakota has put the blame for the delay squarely on the EPA.  New greenhouse emissions standards set forth by the Obama EPA has made it very difficult to build a new refinery as well as run current refineries.  This has also been a problem in the coal industry where Obama’s EPA rulings have forced a number of coal mines to shut down.

The refinery in South Dakota, if allowed to get up and running, could have made the entire Trans-Canada pipeline a moot point.  The pipeline is being built to get crude to a refinery, but could have used the refinery in South Dakota, at least that was the reason for building the refinery, to refine oil from the Tar Sands in Canada.  Again this isn’t about what is best for everyone, it’s about the optics.

If you have a large supply of crude oil but cannot refine it, then you have created a supply problem.  It would be the equivalent of a refinery being hit by a hurricane or a fire, it causes gas prices skyrocket.

With production at an 8 year high, Obama can claim he is trying to lower the price of gas, then blame Big Oil for being greedy when in reality it’s Obama’s EPA that is causing the price of fuel to continually go up.

This is just another example of the “How Can We Fool Em’ Today” campaign that Obama is running.  All Obama has to do is fool a majority of the voters, so we all have to go out there and educate the masses.

Obama can’t fool conservatives, so go out there and help those who are only listening to the Obama propaganda machine, better known as the Main Stream Media.

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  1. Joel Torczon says:

    Doesn’t look like the soaring gas prices will deter Bob Kerrey from coming back to Nebraska from New York to run for the Senate. He’ll just resort to carpetbagging to get it done: http://www.operationrescue.org/archives/operation-rescue-will-remind-nebraskans-of-bob-kerreys-pro-abortion-record/

  2. Joel Torczon says:

    P.S. Here’s a way to help solve the problem of rising gas prices: Get on board with Sheriff Joe in Arizona, whose Cold Case Posse is set to release a 1,000-page report on Obama’s eligibility to be president tomorrow. Hopefully WND’s Joseph Farah turns out to be right on the mark about his suspicions: http://www.wnd.com/2011/12/381385/

  3. Dolley says:

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  4. Earle Torp says:

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