By - February 10, 2012

Obama: How Can We Fool Em’ Today

Obama has to be hoping P.T. Barnum was correct when he stated: “There’s a fool born every minute”.

Obama is betting his re-election on the foolishness of the American voters.

The last jobs number was a complete whitewash of the truth.  Yah, the unemployment rate is down to 8.3%—after 1.2 million people dropped out of the job hunt completely.  Then there is the news that there is 3 million job postings, the most in 3 years.  Immediately I ask, what jobs are being posted?  McDonalds or salaried jobs at a Fortune 500 company?  Couple that with the news that for the first time ever, 23% of the American population is now completely dependent on the government to fund every aspect of their lives, and 70% of the annual budget is spent on some kind of individual assistance.  How is every thing getting better with depressing news like this? 

It’s not about it getting better, it’s about the optics.  How does it look to the uninformed voter!  Obama is only about the optics, while he continues full speed on his agenda to remake America as a complete socialist society.

How is Obama fooling us today?

Obama announced a “compromise” that will allow birth control and abortion pills to be handed out to everybody for free, without interfering with the Catholic church, or other orthodox religions.  How does Obama do these magic tricks?  Instead of the Catholic institutions paying for the birth control and abortion pills, the insurance company will pay for it, not the Church!  How does this magic trick work?  Well you see, before the Catholic institution would have had to pay for the abortifacients directly within their premiums, NOW the Church will be paying for it INDIRECTLY.  Who thinks the insurance company will willing pay out of their own pocket for these birth control methods?  Does this even get around the basic tenants of the Church?  It looks better, but it’s just laundering the same money that goes toward that which the Church still doesn’t believe in.  I am not sure the Church feels any better about what amounts to an accounting trick.

It still isn’t about making the Catholic church happy.  It’s about fooling as many liberal Catholics as possible, while still getting his way.  Will this work though?  Is this enough to make the liberal Catholics think Obama is compromising (which anybody with half a brain knows there is no comprise here) and get their vote in November?  Unfortunately I can’t answer that.  This move, however insincere it was, may be enough to dupe those liberal Catholics that pay scant attention to the issue.

As long as people are willing to be fooled and as long as the main stream media continues to cover for Obama, every day for Obama will start with a question: How Can I Fool Em’ Today?

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