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Republican Party To Become The Whig Party?

The doomed Whig party from history may pass it’s ultimate result onto the present day Republican party.  A philosophical difference of ideals divided the Whigs, which ultimately lead to many people leaving the Whigs for the brand new Republican party.  Liberty for all was the issue splitting the Whig party, with those against tyranny fleeing to the Republican party.  With the current Republican party starting to show signs of preference to tyranny what is to become of the Grand Old Party? 

As this election year proceeds, one question continues to be raised…Will there be an opposition party to the Republicans?  The question revolves around the Tea Party vs. the Establishment Republicans.

The question isn’t primarily a result of no true Tea Party presidential candidate (Rick Santorum being the closest, but hasn’t garnered full Tea Party support yet).  No, most Tea Partiers are aware, it will take time to get a true conservative at the top of the ticket.  It is important to continue to build the grassroots movement from the state houses up to the US Congress, but this is where the trouble starts.

Rep. Allen West of Florida, a true Tea Party candidate and military hero, is having his district redrawn to the point where his district no longer exists.  Establishment republicans are in charge of the redistricting.  It remains to be seen if this is purposeful or as has been offered, “it’s what was necessary and mandated by Florida law”.  UPDATE: Florida is shaping up in Allen West’s favor, as many domino’s are shifting to allow West to run for Congress in another district.  This happened after the news hit the talk shows, so makes a person wonder about Florida.

The trouble extends to Ohio, where the republican party is requiring, for the first time, that to be “seated and sworn in as a member of the State Central Committee, a person shall have voted in the three immediately preceding Republican statewide primary elections”.  This would hurt Tea Party members who for the most part are newcomers to the political scene.

The Establishment Republicans, like their liberal opponents, are after the power and money.  The difference is who gets the money.  Establishment republicans tend to be corporatist, but are NOT socialist.  The corporatist philosophy is one of many things the Tea Party seeks to end.

The Tea Party is after responsible government, a government that gets back to the rules that are suppose to govern America, the Constitution.  Tea Party members favor a conservative form of egalitarianism, based on man’s/women’s natural rights bestowed upon them by their Creator.  Corporatism and Socialism turn this ideology on it’s head, each of which favor some persons over others, giving those in government control over everybody’s lives.  It is the tendency of the Establishment to be “liberal light” that is causing the split in the two factions of the republican party.  It is a struggle between two ideologies: soft tyranny vs. liberty and the establishments willingness to destroy the Tea Party by any means possible that might be the catalyst that causes the demise of the republican party.

Any scism in the Republican party will not occur until after the 2012 election, but if the Establishment continue to treat the Tea Party much in the way the democrats treat them, then “bar the door” there will be a gigantic split. 

If the Tea Party forms a third party, should they name it the Whig Party?  After all a “Whig” was originally a widely recognized label of choice for people who identified as opposing tyranny.

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  1. Jim says:

    The Whigs of old are already on the way back and are now known as The Modern Whig Party. The issues have been updated, but the core values are still the same.

    Rather than identify as left or right, the Modern Whigs are pragmatic in nature, appealing to moderates of both majory parties as well as independents.

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