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Election Issue 2012 For Democrats: Mandatory Birth Control

When Obama’s attempts to violate the Constitution by trying to force the Catholic Church to give contraceptives away, I thought this issue would die a quick, quiet death.  That is not going to be result for this issue.  Democrats brought out the perceived promiscuous rich spoiled activist, Sandra Fluke and as it turned out she is not a fluke, who whined about not being allowed to get free contraceptives from her $40,000/year Catholic school, Boston College.

This is where the Democrats are drawing the line in the sand for 2012.

Democrat House members are out there hanging their hat on this issue, example: Carolyn Maloney’s letter in the Huffington Post.  Rep. Maloney’s (NY) letter is so idiotic and comical I have to comment on her letter.

The following will be excerpts from Rep. Baloney’s (sorry Maloney’s) letter followed by my response:

Our Republican colleagues continued their effort to extend the reach of the government into the bedroom.

Who was it that brought this issue to light?  I think it is the Democrats who want bedroom behavior front and center.

It is a certainty that their efforts (Republican’s), if successful, will have a damaging effect on women’s health. Make no mistake — though the headlines have been about birth control, the issue here is women’s health.

Ok, prove your point Ms. Baloney.

Birth control is directly and undeniably related to women’s health. Birth control protects women from the risk of bearing children before they are ready. Birth control helps to ensure that women do not bear too many children or bear children too soon after their last pregnancy.  Birth control is used to relieve symptoms of endometriosis, regulate a cycle, reduce acne, relieve symptoms of depression, reduce migraines, treat polycystic ovary condition, alleviate anemia, and even reduce the risk of some cancers.

Protecting women from having babies before they are ready?  My father always said: Don’t Play unless your willing to Pay.  Are contraceptives 100%–NO!!!  How many of us know a birth control baby?  If a women isn’t ready to be a mother, maybe she should refrain from the activity that puts her at risk of being a mom.

Birth control pills are obviously the cure-all.  The perfect drug that helps a women with everything in her life….unless you look at the side effects (linked here), but here are just a couple of side effects from long term use of the “Pill”:

  • Depression
  • Cardiac failure and transient ischemic attacks
  • Increased susceptibility towards endometrial and cervical cancers

Wait I thought the birth control pill was suppose to prevent cancer, not cause it.

Stripping a young woman of her employer provided insurance coverage can produce a serious economic barrier to her ability to access such services. Oral contraceptives alone can cost an uninsured woman as much $1,210 dollars a year.

Nobody is talking about stripping a woman of her existing coverage; it’s about forcing an institution to provide something that is against its own beliefs. Beyond that, I believe condoms cost less than a dollar per condom. If you can’t afford that, don’t play!

On the state level, Republicans in at least 18 states are pushing bills or ballot initiatives that would define “personhood” in such a way as to render illegal many forms of commonly used birth control.

What kind of “birth control” would be rendered illegal with this bill defining “personhood”?  This is used to define a fetus at a certain point in the pregnancy, to disallow some late term abortions.

Republicans in the Senate brought legislation to the floor to allow any employer, including for-profit private sector companies, to deny insurance coverage for contraceptives if doing so is contrary to their religious beliefs or “moral
convictions.” Democrats voted it down.

It’s called The First Amendment! The Freedom of Religion was so important to the Founders that they made it part of the First Amendment, the most important amendment.  This doesn’t matter to the democrats though, because the Constitution is just an outdated document, that only restricts the power of the government—i.e. the democrat party.

Rep. Maloney insists the issue is about women’s health and not birth control.  She purposely mislabels this—It’s about

BREAKING: Sandra Fluke has written an article fighting for free insurance coverage for gender-reassignment surgery (sex change surgery).


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