By - March 23, 2012

Here Are New Jobs! UPDATE!!

My last article covered why there are no new jobs.  Little did I know that a little regulation can add a lot of jobs.

In order to handle the new greenhouse gas regulation proposed by the EPA, the EPA will have to hire 230,000 new bureaucrats.  These are regulations that have been described as “impossible to administer” and “absurd”, but the EPA will not be side-tracked. 

Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!  When it comes to restricting America and throttling American businesses the EPA will not falter or slow down.   Just ask Texas or the Coal companies.  Under the Obama administration the EPA has been given carte-blanche to regulate CO2 emissions in what ever way the EPA sees fit for any particular company or state (as long as they are not important to Obama’s re-election), even though the Clean Air Act does not give the EPA the power to regulate as they are.  I have said this before: Obama don’t need no stinking laws.

Obama can now claim he has brought jobs to the market, but at what cost? 

To hire the 230,000 people and implement their rules it is estimated to cost $21 billion from you and me, the taxpayers.  It doesn’t stop there!  There is a cost to businesses as well.  Current clean air rules affect 14,000 businesses, under the new extremely tight EPA clean air rules 6.1 MILLION businesses will be affected.  It is hard to put a dollar amount to the cost of being compliant with these new rules, but it will be a hefty cost.  The other cost will be lost jobs or no new hiring to make up for the giant capital lost in complying with the new rules.

In Spain, a leader in green jobs, it was discovered that for every 1 green job created, six private sector jobs were lost and that is where the EPA is heading.

Obama promised to change America, shortly after being elected and he has succeeded!  Obama has created a centralized government that is a behemoth feeding off the private sector even as it kills off the private sector.  Stalin would be proud.

UPDATE:  It has been recently discovered that the EPA has cost the private energy businesses nearly 2,000 jobs since Christmas of 2011.  The EPA enacted new rules called MACT (Mercury and Air Toxic Standards) which has forced the closer of 22 power plants since Christmas to meet these new standards set forth by the Obama EPA.  It is anticipated that by the year 2020 1.44 million jobs in the energy sector will be lost in order to comply with this new EPA regulation .

Get ready for some Obama supported brown-outs coming to a region near you.  Think about that very real possibility when you vote come November.

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