By - March 27, 2012

New Black Panther’s and Trayvon Martin Blood Money

I have made a promise to myself that I will not make any statements with respect to the Trayvon Martin issue, at all.  Information supporting both sides of this issue is flying out at warp speed.  I wasn’t at the scene, I wasnt’ a witness so I don’t know the entire story.  The only thing I will say is, this is a tragedy.

Having said that, there are plenty of groups that use tragedies to their advantage, and this is where I will launch my opinions.

It has become old news now regarding the New Black Panther group offering up a $10,000 bounty for the head of  George Zimmerman, but the New Black Panthers aren’t finished with just the bounty.

The New Black Panther’s have been listed as a “hate” group operating in America (This is not to be confused with the Black Panther’s from decades ago, there is no associations) and Mikhail Muhammad, the NBP leader has stated that George Zimmerman should be “very afraid” when asked about the bounty.  Mikhail also added the quote “An eye for an eye” in interviews given to the press.  Even though there isn’t a warrant for Zimmerman’s arrest, it doesn’t sound like the NBP want to find Zimmerman to have a friendly conversation with him.

Mikhail Muhammad has stated they are seeking and receiving donations from this tragedy and hope to receive $1 million.  Muhammad has indicated they have already received donations from black entertainers and athletes, the names of which Muhammad has promised to keep secret.

Should I be surprised that the New Black Panthers are in this purely for the money?!  There are very few organizations that would stoup this low, but the NBP will not be out-done in this department.

I do want to know who these entertainers and athletes are.  I do not want to support or root for anybody with enough hatred in their heart, that they would financially support such hate groups.

What will the NBP’s do with $1 million?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a donation…to the Obama campaign, after all it is their friend, Eric Holder who shut down the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers even after the evidence clearly showed the NBP members were guilty.

Obama and Holder have been characteristically quiet in the face of these racial tensions.  I would ask if there is an underlying reason, but they seem to be happy allowing racial unrest to fester.  I do wonder however if Obama or some of his SuperPacs would accept donations from this “hate” group, since they don’t have a problem accepting donations from Bill Maher, a known misogynist.

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