By - March 31, 2012

We’re Living In A Real Bizarro World

Since Obama has taken office I have felt like the world we are living in is upside down.  What’s up is down, what’s right is wrong, that is the definition of a real Bizarro World.

I have been feeling this way for a while but with the Obamacare issue in front of the Supreme Court this week, it really brought out that feeling as I watch and listen to liberals explain their reasoning’s for the laws constitutionality.

Here are examples of our backwards world in this ObamaWorld, starting with the most recent examples:

  1. Justice Elena Kagan argued that Obamacare isn’t coercive because “It’s a big gift from the federal government, is that coercive?”  “The federal government is saying, ‘we’re giving you a boat load of money with no matching funds requirement”.   Where is the government going to get this “boat load” of money?  Did Obama purchase a MegaMillions lotto ticket?  I thought Justice Kagan helped write this bill.  If she were paying attention she would know there are million if not billions of dollars in unfunded mandates in this law, which the individual states have to pony up, not to mention the increase in numerous taxes that we will all pay, but remember this is Bizarro World-everything is backwards.
  2. Sen. Richard Blumenthal instructs the Supreme Court to find Obamacare constitutional, because not doing so would hurt the Court’s reputation, and make it harder for people to take them seriously.  This from the man who lamented numerous times about his experiences in Vietnam, on the ground.  The problem?  Blumenthal never spent a minute in Vietnam, he made up his exploits.  Is this the pot calling the kettle, black?  Blumenthal is definitely in a Bizarro World.
  3. Obama proudly claims to have “fast-tracked” the TransCanada pipeline.  This is more straight up lie than backwards, but there are people who will believe this backwards spin.  First of all Obama was talking about the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas which was already started, being approved by each state’s governors.  The President has no say in this.  President Obama still stands squarely in the way of the most important part of the pipeline, that stretch that crosses the border of Canada and America.  Without that stretch of pipe the rest of the pipe is an empty tunnel in the ground.
  4. Nancy Pelosi claims to be confused by the Catholic Churches “Conscience Thing“.  “I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they (the Catholic Church) have this conscience thing.”  Hummm, image that a Catholic or any Christian church having a “conscience”.  So what is it you love about your faith then, Nancy?  Again every thing is upside down.
  5. Nancy Pelosi (again) claims unemployment is good for the economy.  “Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses (sic) to our economy”.  Nancy must be the bride of Bizarro, she sure sees things backwards.
  6. Obama puts himself in the public as the expert on almost every subject.  You name it, the economy especially the viability of the “green economy”, job creation (remember we have the same percentage of employed people as we did when the unemployment rate was 10%), don’t forget Obama has spent billions of our tax dollars on failed “green” companies, foreign policy (how is Egypt working out for you, Mr. President, he even quoted the Arab Spring was much like his own 2008 campaign, of course the Muslim Brotherhood now rules Egypt).  Any subject the President brings up he is the least experienced person in the room.  My 14 year old son has more real world experience than President Obama.  Obama himself is a Bizarro World.
  7. Obama: “We can drill in every inch of America and it would not cut the gas price.”  How would you know Mr. President?  You have all but shut down drilling on federal leases, but have spent $2 billion in Brazil to help them drill for oil while promising to be their biggest customer.  Your entire policy on energy is an inside out world.
  8. I saved the best for last: President Barack Obama accepted an award for making the government more open and transparent in secret.  Yes, I couldn’t leave this post without some humor.  Not only did our President receive the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing, he received an award for Transparency (chuckle, chuckle) which in and of itself is a joke, but he received it in secret! 

Bizarro would feel right at home here in Obama’s America.  Everything is truly upside down, inside out and devoid of truth, morals and integrity.  The scary thing is there are people out there who don’t see it and love Obama or see it but don’t care and love Obama.  God help us all!

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