By - April 5, 2012

Canadian PM says Obama is an Unreliable Energy Partner

It wasn’t long ago Obama was boosting about “fast tracking” the TransCanada pipeline while he was in Oklahoma.  This of course was far from the truth, as the construction of this leg of the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas was approved by the respective governors, not the President.  That doesn’t matter, Obama is hoping there are enough people ignorant to the facts out there so he might be able to make them believe he is doing something for the American gas consumer.

Some people may have been fooled by the Presidents press conference however Canada isn’t going to let him get away with that.  As Paul Harvey used to say: “Now for the rest of the story“!

Obama’s continued blocking of the Keystone pipeline has taught Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper something: Obama can’t be trusted as a reliable energy partner.

The US has always been Canada’s only oil consumer, which has allowed the US to get Canadian oil at discounted prices.  Canada didn’t have to worry about finding other consumers for their oil so they passed on savings to the US.  Obama being a steadfast “No” to the Keystone pipeline has changed everything.

The Prime Minister now has decided he must reach out to other possible consumers for Canadian oil.  Canada doesn’t want to be in the position of having it’s only oil consumer say No to it’s oil exports, so it’s now time to reach out to other countries, probably China.

This means the US will now have less access to the oilsands in Canada and will lose the discount we have enjoyed for many decades.

This all plays right into Obama’s plan though.  Obama doesn’t want an energy policy that includes anything outside of wind and solar power.  Obama and his Energy Secretary are happy to see gas prices skyrocket.  It is the only way to make their alternate energy sources competitive in the market, never mind all the solar and wind companies Obama is financially supporting are going out of business, it is full steam ahead to oblivion.

We just have to have Hope.  As Joe Biden said “Obama’s energy policy is the best it’s ever been”.  Of course Biden has also said “Obama has had to make much tougher decisions than FDR had to make”.  One might think Biden isn’t right in his head and you may be right.  It is apparent Obama’s energy policies aren’t right in his head.

Don’t forget: It’s all the Republican Congress’, Bush’s and the Supreme Court’s fault.

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