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D.C. Ink

Dear Matty,
It is tax time again and I was wondering why the U.S. Tax Code is 6 times longer than War and Peace?

Amy in Omaha

Dear Amy,
It is tax week for us working Americans.  I checked out Tolstoy’s War and Peace from the library and started counting the words back in January.  I found it  contains over 560,000 words, while the U.S. Tax Code has reached somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.7 million. According to the IRS.gov website, changes to the tax code are made at the rate of around one per day which can lead to more confusion than Valentine’s Day for Tiger Woods. It is also reported that U.S. taxpayers spend more than $193 billion a year compiling their tax returns. That money and lost production could go a long way to saving another United States solar manufacturing company.

The IRS was created by President Lincoln to help offset the costs of the Civil War. The initial rate was 3% on income over $800. Seems like Honest Abe knew a thing or two about a Flat-Tax. Believe it or not, the U.S. Supreme Court declared the income tax unconstitutional in 1894. It was not until 1913 that the Sixteenth Amendment gave Congress the “power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived…without regard to any census or enumeration” unless you are Charles Rangle or Timothy Geithner.

Other interesting facts Matty uncovered about the U.S. Tax Code: it would take more time to read it than the time the U.S. spent fighting WWII, only Rosie O’donnell’s weekly grocery receipt requires more paper, and only a Jesse James’ girlfriend uses more ink.

Amy, the Tax Code will only continue to grow. Like those inexplainable things your mom would just say “because I said so”, so too the Tax Code is done by ” Washington’s intelligent design”.  Matty feels by its elimination a whole industry of lobbyist, accountants, and manufacturers of #2 pencils, large calculators, pocket protectors, and Turbo Tax would be lost, which is too much for our economy to bear. The only other time #2 pencils are used to this extent is when a teacher’s union gets together to make signs. I believe a Flat-Tax would be too simple, fair, and as transparent as an outfit worn by Rihanna.  And besides, the Clinton’s would not be able to write off all that cool used underwear and socks  for charity and how would Pamela Anderson continue to write off the breast augmentations without the business expense deduction?

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Most sincerely,

Rihanna has more transparency than the White House Visitor Log


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  1. Patrick Mousseau says:

    Dear Matty and staff

    I admire your courage for addressing the issues that are truely affecting this country. Unfortunately, the viewpoints of Democrats and Republicans are so extreme that the only result is the polarization of our citizens.

    My only hope is that one day, a truely legitimate third party emerges and we have the opportunity to vote for an individual that espouses freedom and common sense as opposed to the socialist agenda of Democrats or the judgemental religious beliefs touted by Republicans.

    If the only choices we have for president in 2012 are Obama, Palin and an obscure Libertarian candidate, then we truly are in trouble.

    Tea party activists and socialists alike must be willing to make concessions to their agendas and meet in the middle. We live in the greatest country in the world. I would hope the egos of both sides could be set aside in an effort to fix the problems we face.

    Call me an optomist but I believe it can happen.

    Thank you for the opportuntiy to voice my opinion and I love to read your site.

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