By - April 25, 2012

From Detroit With Love And Mr. Peace

Author: The Amazing Chattburger:

There are sports figures that have set good examples for their fans, and then there are those whom you wouldn’t invite home for dinner.

Lloyd Bernard Free apparently set a trend when in 1981 he changed his first name to “World”.  That’s right; his name is World B Free.  Not to be out done Chad Johnson decided to be original and change his name to his jersey number…85, spelled out in Spanish… OchoCinco, and in the world of politics, Rep. Barney Frank considered changing his to Ben Dover and a little known fact- Evil Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel,  was going to chose Willie Makit.

Now Ron Artest has recently changed his name.  What would somebody like Ron Artest change his name to?  Given his history, what would he call himself?  See the enclosed video to see if you can come up with an idea.


Ron (this will obviously be the last time I get to use his original name) changed his name to Metta World Peace (Metta being a Buddhist term for “ kindness”).  Metta has led the league in longest suspension ever (being suspended for a total of 86 games) so maybe he is hoping a name change will give him an attitude change? Nothing like watching World Peace make flagrant fouls and getting a technical or chocking his coach, or beating a future gun rap.  This does makes me wonder why would Ron Art—Excuse me, Metta World Peace change his name?  Couldn’t he have gotten more attention dating the fat Kardashian sister?

He did consider Mr. One Love but decided his current name would have a larger global impact.  He didn’t tell his wife until after the name change hit the news.  Will Mrs. Artest give Peace a chance? How will King James respond? It doesn’t really matter- he still has more rings then Le Bron.

UPDATE:  It is now well known that Metta World Peace has added to his record of suspensions by throwing elbows at an opposing player.  It’s good to know that Metta is living up to his name….Ah, yeah I know, just being facetious.

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