By - April 13, 2012

Governor Lacks Guts in Response to Political Pressure

Governor Dave HeinemanJust when we wanted to like him, the Watchdog.org has announced Governor Heineman is now bowing to political pressure, scrapping his vision for eliminating the inheritance tax, and reducing corporate income taxes in Nebraska.

We admired Governor Heineman for his bold initiative to lower taxes for all Nebraskans, and especially carving out the inheritance tax and lowering corporate taxes to make Nebraska more competitive with neighboring states, such as South Dakota and Wyoming, which have no income tax.

We concede it would be tough to pass such a bold initiative before a progressive Nebraska Legislature who can’t understand why Warren Buffet just won’t pay all our taxes for Nebraskans or how to give a substantial tax cut to Nebraskans who aren’t the ones paying the taxes.

The lame duck Governor Heineman, on his bully pulpit, should have been educating and rallying Nebraskans into fiscal enlightenment.  Dragging them kicking and screaming, if necessary.  Instead, once again, he has shown he lacks the intestinal fortitude to be a leader, blaming the Legislature for his woes.

The story is available at: http://nebraska.watchdog.org/20546/governor-backs-off-on-scrapping-inheritance-tax-corporate-income-tax

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