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Obama Rule: No Water For Tombstone, AZ Unless They Use Horses & Hand Tools

Tombstone, AZ is facing a bigger enemy than the McLaury Gang and I’m not sure Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday could win this fight.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize Tombstone is in the middle of the Arizona desert and therefore lacks a resource most of us take for granted….H2O…Water!

For 130 years Tombstone has been getting it’s water from a resevior located on federal lands.  Natural disasters have not been kind to the federal lands in question:

The shortage (of water) developed because of the Monument Fire in 2011, which denuded the hillsides of vegetation. After the fire, record-breaking monsoon rains hit the region, triggering huge mudslides that left boulders the size of cars tumbling down hillsides.

The slides crushed Tombstone’s mountain spring waterlines and destroyed reservoirs for the town’s main water supply network.

“In some areas, Tombstone’s pipeline is under 12 feet of mud, rocks and other debris, while in other places, it is hanging in mid-air due to the ground being washed out from under it,” the institute reported.”

These events did not pose a problem in the past, the federal government would allow Tombstone officials to go onto the lands and repair any damage to their water system caused by nature.   Tombstone’s rights to the water was even solidfied by a court ruling in 1916:

“In fact, the chain of title to Tombstone’s water rights, infrastructure and rights of way in the Huachuca Mountains is clear. Tombstone actually holds previously adjudicated water rights, as well as appurtenant and independent land use, pipeline and access rights of way.”

Under the direction of Obama the Forest Service has now refused to allow Tombstone to go in and repair it’s water system.

“federal bureaucrats are refusing to allow Tombstone to unearth its springs and restore its waterlines unless [city officials] jump through a lengthy permitting process that will require the city to use horses and hand tools to remove boulders the size of Volkswagens.”

It is no surprise that Obama and his administration would ignore a court ruling, just ask the Gulf states about that (remember the willing violation of the ruling against the oil drilling ban, Obama is still in violation today).  Ignoring Courts doesn’t end there:

There is evidence that the Forest Service under Barack Obama’s leadership is adopting a comprehensive plan “to clear federal lands of any private or non-federal uses.”

Ranchers in the West,  have been told to give up their various access and water rights, ski resorts have faced problems with access to federal lands and Indian tribes have been dealt the same blow.

The federal government owns 30% of the total land mass (650 million acres of land) in the US, most of it is in the West.  The government owns 90% of Nevada and nearly 3/4 of Alaska, not to mention most of Idaho is owned by the government and a large portion of Montana.  Flexing the kind of power that is being suggested here is a clear violation of the 10th Amendment.  Allowing the federal government to decide whether or not you are allowed the use of your water, is clear corruption of power.  This power grab is a huge threat to farmers, ranchers and private business’ in these states.  Ostensively the government could shut down any natural resource to a state, once normally granted if a pipeline or any type of lifeline goes through federal lands.

There is a movement among the wacko liberals, to remove all human contact in federal lands to allow the land to prosper as it would without human contamination.  It would seem these wacko’s have Obama’s ear and he is exercing his extra-constitutional powers to bring about their dream.

How can Obama do this, you might ask?  Easy! Have the main stream media mentioned this or the restriction of irrigation water in California for a 2 inch fish?  No! The media is the willing lap dog of the Obama administration and campaign.  You can bet your last dollar the media will bury this deeper than the McLaury Gang in Tombstone, during this an election year.

Where is the great sheriff of yesteryear?  Arizona needs him more now than before.  I would love to see Wyatt and Doc take care of this problem if they were still alive today.

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  1. Sharon Forster says:

    I can only pray (and vote) that Obama is NOT re-elected. I would encourage anyone who has hope of this country returning to the “Good Ol’ USA” to do the same. Think of all that has happened, just in your house since he was first elected. Think of the debt your children and grandchildren will have to repay. And think of what happens if China recalls all of the loans? Hope you like eating chop suey. And order your Rosetta Stone on how to speak the language. They own us! We need to move forward from this, and retool the us government.

  2. William E. Shaw says:

    Simple… Defy the Feds. Fix the damn water line and move on. How many guns can you muster in Tombstone? How many deputies does the Cochise County Sheriff have? The Sheriff is the supreme law in the county. No damn biologist in a Smokey Bear hat is gonna buck that.

  3. deedee says:

    THIS IS OUR HISTORY AND SUCH AN AWESOME PLACE TO TAKE THE FAMILY AND SEE THE WEST AS IT WAS. HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bob says:

    I agree with William! Just go in there with backhoes and do it.Our Government is completely out of control not to mention out of it’s mind! The people need to rise up and take back our Goverment from these nut-jobs! I sense a second American Revolution coming.

  5. Ralph A Lapaugh says:

    F**K the Forest Service, the EPA, and Obama!! Tombstone is a National Treasure, and
    should be saved at all costs!! Just do it!!! America is behind the people of Tombstone, not
    the assholes in Washington!!

  6. Linda says:

    I’m at the point let the Mexicans and blacks run this country and the rest of us refuse to pay taxes.
    Their free ride will soon be used up.


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