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Ron Brown Taking The Heat For Religious Beliefs

Everybody in Nebraska knows Ron Brown. Ron Brown could be said to be one with Nebraska football.  He was first hired by Coach Tom Osborne and only had a hiccup in employment for Nebraska football during the dreaded Callahan years.  Coach Bo Pelini hired Ron Brown back for a couple of reasons:  First, Ron Brown is an excellent assistant coach, and second and as important Coach Brown has strong religious beliefs which give the student-athletes a chance to have a good religious experience during their tenure at Nebraska if they so choose.

Coach Pelini is a surrogate father for the players at Nebraska and in some cases he and the assistant coaches become the only father some players know.  That is why it is important to have a coach like Ron Brown, to offer a chance for a moral background.

Until recently, most of the sporting world knew Ron Brown as the coach who lead the prayer at the beginning of the Penn State-Nebraska game.  It was a wonderful sports spectacle, showing what sports should be.

Coach Brown is in the headlines now for his religious beliefs, but now he is being crucified by some people.

Ron Brown, the person, has testified against an ordinance debated (later passed) by the Omaha city council which would extend civil rights to gay, lesbian,transgendered, and/or bisexual persons.  Ron Brown opposed the ordinance based on primarily his biblical beliefs as well as the belief that such an ordinance would lead to unwarranted lawsuits.  Ron’s point was about sin. That is not to say that he or any of us live without sin.  We are all sinners, it is just a human deficiency.  We are called to repent for our sins and try not to repeat them.  There in lies the difference.  The LGBT lifestyle is, as the bible defines, a lifestyle in sin however it is these very people who are trying to normalize this behavior.  Ron Brown is akin to John the Baptist, crying out “repent” while people like Barbara Baier are much like King Herrod  and would have Ron Brown be-headed.

Ms. Baier has been quoted as saying Ron Brown used his faith to attack gay and transgendered people and he referred to a “mysterious gay agenda”.

First: To object to an ordinance giving special favor to the LBGT community is not attacking as Brown did not attack, unless you are offended by the realization that you are a sinner (I know that I sin, so to call me a sinner does not offend me because I know there are things I must work on and I try to better myself, it is a life long struggle. I do not try to normalize my deficiencies).

Second: There is no mystery to the gay agenda.  Part of the agenda is to force churches of all stripes to accept their lifestyle, even though it is defined as sinful.  Just ask the churches in Hutchinson Kansas.  The city council in Hutchinson is debating an ordinance that would force churches to host gay marriages within their churches.  Then there is Ocean Grove Methodist Church which was forced by a single judge to allow a gay marriage on their grounds.  Don’t forget the big win in the military and Obama and Holder unilaterally deciding DOMA was unconstitutional (It would seem the Supreme Court is staying busy reversing much of Obama’s extra-constitutional movements, i.e. Obamacare and Arizona Illegal Alien law).  To act dumb to any “Gay Agenda” is just being stupid Ms. Baier.

Ms. Baier is just making a preemptive strike against Ron Brown as the Lincoln city council is about to bring up an ordinance similar to Omaha’s.  Ron Brown will be there to make his feelings known, just as those who are for the ordinance will be there.  Everybody is allowed to voice their opinions, unless they disagree with liberals.  If you voice an opinion counter to the liberal belief then you must be destroyed and that is what Barbara Baier is attempting to do to Coach Brown.

Ms. Baier is trying to get Coach Brown fired.  Coach Ron Brown has stated that if he gets fired then it’s the least of penalties that Christians have suffered for their beliefs.  Coach Brown views his Christianity as the most important thing in his life.  Remember Ron Brown is just voicing his spiritual views he knows to be true.  He has stated: Being gay is a sin, but those who are gay still deserve the grace of God and that is ultimately what Ron Brown seeks. Ron Brown is not the same as those inbreds from Westboro Baptist Church, they are disgusting.

A lesser University would give into liberal pressure, but I will give kudo’s to the University of Nebraska.  Chancellor Harvey Pearlman has stated, that although he does not personally agree with Ron Brown, Ron can voice his opinion as he likes as an individual.  Being a coach at NU does not take away their First Amendment rights.  Ron Brown has the solid support of AD Tom Osborne and Coach Bo Pelini, as long as he speaks for himself and does not pretend to speak for the University.

I want to thank the University of Nebraska for respecting First Amendment rights and I want to thank Ron Brown for being brave enough to remind all of us what is really important….Our relationship with God.

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