By - May 29, 2012

DC Comics To Announce The New Gay Superhero

President Obama announces his (politically motivated) support for gay marriage and now everybody wants a piece.   All of a sudden the Afro-American community, usually standing against gay marriage are now getting on board…kind of like zombies (non racially biased ones of course).  All that bible stuff doesn’t really mean anything when our biracial angel claims it is now O.K.

Not to be left in the cold, DC Comics, home of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman has announced they are  rebooting one of their “main” male characters into a gay superhero.

The blogs went nuts, who will be the next gay superhero?  Will it be Superman?  How about Batman? Batman takes in an orphan boy and names him Robin.  I guess DC Comics is not going after the NAMBLA vote, but that doesn’t rule out Mr. Obama and the democratic party.

Although this character will not be officially announced, until June, when he makes his grand entrance sashaying all the way to Oa.  We here at Red State Report have the inside track to the character. He wears a ring…. and tights….and plays with colored lights! He can be as dazzling as a bedazzled Liberace.

We will give some credit to HotAir.com for announcing the secret identity of the now gay character in DC’s ranks (at least HotAir isn’t like the NY Times that announces the secret identity of real American Heroes, or the newspaper that gave up the Dr. in Pakistan who helped Obama get bin Laden).  None other than…….Alan Scott (dad always said not to trust a man with two first names)!  Don’t know who he is?  He is the original Green Lantern, not the character in last years movie, that was Hal Jordan (two first names).  

I know DC promised the character would be a main character, and he was….in 1940.

Alan Scott will be a major character though, on Earth 2 an alternate universe.

Is this enough to keep the LBGT community happy?  After Obama has traveled all 57 states with his two sons, and took in $15 million of George Clooney’s money after announcing he was for gay marriage, will the president travel to Oa?

The real question is: Does this put the Earth 2 superhero’s at an advantage over their Earth 1 counterparts?  I mean, do the criminals on Earth 2 get charged with a “hate” crime if they try to kill Alan Scott.  Usually it’s just an attempted murder, but this could add some serious time to the criminals prison stay.

I would love to say I will keep you posted on the exploits of our gay Earth 2 hero, but I probably will not be reading about his exploits.  I hope that’s not a hate crime.

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