By - May 7, 2012

Illegal Aliens Getting Billions Of Dollars In Tax Refunds

The title does not do justice to the video embedded here.  This is a story about illegal aliens getting tax refunds for children—they don’t have!

Because there is a loophole in the tax code, around 2 million illegal aliens are getting tax refunds for children they claim live in Mexico.  One might ask if these are the children of the “undocumented worker” and the answer to that is….NO!  Most all the children listed on the IRS forms are listed as nieces or nephews.

One example you will see in the video describes an illegal alien listing 4 adults in his house with 20 children!  The investigator went to the house to check on the 24 people in the house, what he found was a trailer house with one child and two adults.


Thank you to WTHR Channel 13 in Indianapolis for actually doing their job.  This is an example of what journalism should be.  I do hope the main stream media will take note and learn from this.  I know that will never happen and a story like this will only be seen on local news channels as the lame stream media will not put anything negative about Obama in the public eye during an election year.

Apparently the IRS knows about this fraud but is doing nothing about it.  It is worth noting the investigator for channel 13 did contact the IRS for a statement, but they were too busy to answer any questions.  Obama increased their budget by 125% since he has taken office and they don’t have the personnel to answer questions about proven fraud??  Makes sense, the IRS are experts at throwing our direct tax dollars away why would they be able to handle a large budget increase like the one Obama gave them.  I’ll bet the IRS parties would make the GSA’s parties look like a simple cookout.

Send this to your Congressman…Heads need to role at the IRS and up higher…The President.

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