By - May 31, 2012

It Ain’t Easy Being Green




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A great lesson is upon us straight from across the pond.  United Kingdom drivers are being punished for going green.  The treasury is considering adding additional taxes, onto those individuals that have purchased hybrid vehicles, because they are going to be losing additional gas revenue.  They are determining the Vale Excise Duty (VED) needs an overhaul to combat those green gas misers.  Currently, the VED raises about $9.3 billion dollars in additional revenue for the country.  So to offset the loss of tax on gas usage, the government is setting up additional fees for those gas sipping hybrids. Examples of increases in tax include: $209 on a VW Passat and $1596 (first year) on a Posrche and Land Rover models.  The gra$$ is really greener on the other side.

I love how we Americans can’t believe this would ever happen to us, but it happens daily.  Just check out your local newspaper on any given cool summer or warm winter and what do you find? You will find that the electric company or gas company did not hit their target for energy usage, so the consumers will have to pay more for energy the following month/year.

Take smokers for example.  Smoking is not a preferred habit, but the government thrives on smokers.  $1 a pack is the federal take then add onto that the state taxes which range from $0.44/pack to $3/pack in New York.  What will these governments do when they succeed in reducing the numbers of smokers?  We should thank smokers for paying taxes the rest of us don’t have to.

Everyday, these types of situations play out like a Greek-tragedy.   It can be rather cathartic, even if you don’t live in Rush Limbaugh’s Realville. Have you ever seen television commercial or read a public service announcement from your local public utility?   They are always willing to give you advice on how to conserve energy or go out and buy $50 lightbulb to save X amount on your electric bill. Do you think it is in your city’s best interest to synchronize the stop lights through the city? And if you try to bypass the city’s trap at the red light, you can always take a city toll-way to avoid the hassle. That is all utter nonsense and I am calling it out.

Huggers, you have made a powerful ally in Matty

I love how our tree huggers try mightily to save our planet.  They ignore the daily use of soap and deod0rants to help mother earth.  But I must admit, I am with my green friends on this one, even if they are an ocean away. To quote Kent Brockman, “the dreadlock dreamboat who’s birkenstock is on the rise.”

The government needs to learn how to mange on much less.  A 50% reduction in total tax take would be a good start.
Many individuals and companies have taken far greater hits in the recession created by banks and governments, yet survived.
Government should be no different and I would emphasise that 50% is only a start.

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