By - May 11, 2012

Matty’s Corralled Thoughts

Following her predecessor’s lead (Collin Powell), Hillary Clinton left her war paint at home and greeted her Bangladesh counterparts au natural, a couple days ago. The media has been going ga ga ever since about her ” I don’t give a dam” look. She might have been coming off of another all

Hillary sans make-up. You decide which one suits the face of America abroad.


Beauty is only skin deep- ugly goes down to the bone.

night bender of drinking beer and dancing, or she wishes to show solidarity to her brothers and sisters in the Occupy Movement. by not bathing and presenting herself as job ready. Whatever the case may be, I can not blame Bill Clinton for keeper her under his desk all those years. I dug a little deeper and found another photo. Truthfully it may not matter to Bill, after all he stated while he was President that an Egyptian mummy was hot.

The Mullet- Business in the front- and all party in the back. More business than Obama's job bill has provided


Keith Judd, 1999 Mullet Hall of Fame inductee and current resident, serving a 210 month sentence, at Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas. Has proven how ridiculously unpopular Obama has become, by taking in 41 percent of the democrat vote in West Virginia, and being awarded 1 delegate to the convention. The closed primary showed the nation they would rather vote for a convicted criminal over their own incumbent. Mr. Judd is serving time for extortion, wearing a dead raccoon on his head and making threats.  Sounds just like the Chicago way to me and finally we have a politician in the slammer before being in office.  This could spell doom for the democrat party in November.  Since they already encourage felons the right to vote, along with the illegal aliens, those who have broken the law will have a real choice to make in the upcoming election.

Vinnie Barbarino "Up your nose with a rubber hose- or my lips..."America’s favorite Sweathog, John Travolta, has gotten himself into a sticky mess. Grease is the word, John Travolta overcome with Saturday night fever, is being accused for touching his male masseuse’s “boom box”. Magic Hands wishes to extort $2 million dollars from Mr. Travolta. John has turned over his flight records and receipts to prove he was in New York on the day the accuser made his allegations. And since he was friends with Obama’s birth certificate guy, John was able to knock off 15 years on his age. Stories such as these have been following John and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise for many years. I would feel more embarrassed for making Battlefield Earth than this incident. We all want a happy ending to this, but sometimes you just have to wait for it.

New research suggests dinosaur’s bodily gases  are to blame for earth’s changing climate.  Scientists calculate that the enormous amounts of methane released by the average dinosaur, was more than all the sources of animal and man-made ones that are released today. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, with a stronger ability to trap heat. Apparently, the scientists involved in the research have not visited Rosie O’Donnell’s house after a Thanksgiving dinner.

Pull my finger and I will change the atomosphere

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    Find a way to incorporate a “Heeler” in your Corralled Thoughts blog. People love them and you’ll have evrybody talking and getting more hits. Those sheep dogs can’t tough an Ausrailian Cattle dog in tenaciousness, intelligence and physical spirit!!!!!!!!

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