By - May 9, 2012

Obama Grabs Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory Against Al-Qaida

It is hard to believe a President would purposely seal the defeat of America in the war against terror and Al-Qaeda in particular.

Obama has done darn little correctly as President.  The only two things Obama has done right is OK’ing the Osama mission, which we find out now Obama had a responsibility escape clause built into the mission.  A memo drafted by Obama officials made sure Obama was blame free if the mission went badly:

A recently disclosed memorandum from then-CIA Director Leon Panetta shows that the president’s celebrated derring-do in authorizing the operation included a responsibility-escape clause: ‘The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven’s hands. The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the President for his consideration. The direction is to go in and get bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out.’

Which is to say, if the mission went wrong, the fault would be Adm. McRaven’s, not the president’s.

What do you expect from the coward?  Obama is a lawyer (without a license anymore) so he will be able to skirt responsibility.

The other correct decision Obama has made is to increase drone strikes, particularly in Pakistan.  It is this decision that Obama is putting to an end with a new executive order.

Last week Obama went to Afghanistan to meet with Karzai to sign a document that stated they would agree to meet at a later date.  The document had more of an agreement than a timeline with which to get together for a play-date again.

During those meetings, Obama promised Karzai that the US would no longer launch any attacks against al-Quaida from Afghan soil.  This also includes any drone attacks launched from bases in Afghanistan.

The most significant statement is found in paragraph 6b.  The statement reads:

“The United States further pledges not to use Afghan territory or facilities as a launching point for attacks against other countries.”

Obama is taking the only weapon the US has against Al-Qaeda away from the military.  Al-Qaeda can literally set up on the border of Pakistan and shell the Marines just across the border in Afghanistan and now the Marines can do nothing in retaliation or for protection from the shelling.  Al-Qaeda can use any military instillation near the border as target practice and entertainment, while the American military sits and watches, helplessly, their friends die without being able to do anything outside of move the base.  Yes, there is at least one instillation on the border, Camp Dwyer a Marine base in the Helmand River Valley near the Pakistan border.

Idiotic decisions like this haven’t been made since President Johnson decided to limit action into countries surrounding Vietnam from which the Vietcong were picking off our brave troops.

Obama has to look good to his anti-war constituents, so he will limit our ability to strike back all for votes!

Obama Lied and Troops Died!


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