By - May 10, 2012

The Tea Party Lives!

Not long ago the main stream media was pleased in it’s assessment that the Tea Party is dead!  The only movement covered in the the media was and is those unwashed delinquents in the Occupy Movement.

I never figured out the media’s romantic attachment to the Occupy movement versus their distain of the Tea Party.  Maybe it is because destructive anarchists make better news than well behaved constitutionally minded citizens.

The lastest round of primaries prove that although the Tea Party may not be holding rallies, it lives in the hearts and the minds of all those citizens out there hoping for a return to constitutional sanity.  The media is already calling this loss the death of the political center.  They are mourning the ability of the republicans (it’s always the republicans) to reach across the isle to get a deal done.  If I had George Soros’ money I would put out a thousand dollar bounty for anyone to tell me the last time the democrats reached across the isle for a compromise.  My recollection is anytime they don’t get their way, they threaten to shut down government- which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In Indiana alone (my old stomping grounds) the Tea Party favorite State Treasurer Mourdock pummuled Sen Richard Lugar–Obama’s favorite republican, by 61%.  Mr Mourdock, told CNN today, ” I don’t think there are going to be a lot of  successful compromises”.  Bipartisanship to him means the democrats voting for republican ideas.  Republicans — and just about everybody — can move back toward the ideological center just as soon as we get a President who is not an anti-capitalist left wing ideologue.  Dick Lugar blames partisanship for his defeat by a more conservative candidate. This is denial from a man too long disconnected to reality and too used to stockholm syndrome.

The Sons and Daughters of Liberty, sans the mowhawk, have answered the bugle cry of freedom once again, in Indiana.  Come November, the silent, employed, freshly showered, freedom loving majority of the country will answer her call once again.

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