By - May 18, 2012

There’s No Need To Fear, Deb Fischer Is Here

Nebraska’s republican primary results have shocked the nation.  The underdog conservative candidate and relative unknown to the nation,  won the right to take on a left-wing New York socialist candidate from the democrat side in November’s general election.

The DNC was smiling after the primary, looking like the cat who ate the canary.  Their candidate, Bob Kerrey will be taking on an inexperienced, unknown candidate…Deb Fischer.

There are two distinct problems for the democrats:

  1. Their candidate is known! Bob Kerrey is as left-wing as Obama and it is well known that Kerrey would be a “yes” man for Obama.  Polls conducted a few months ago showed Kerrey polling worse in Nebraska than his predecessor, Ben (stab Nebraska in the back with a forced government healthcare scalpel) Nelson for whom it was common knowledge would lose big if he ran for re-election. Remember Clinton Stoogie Kerry was the decisive vote for the largest tax increase heaped upon the American people.  He can be counted on by the party, just like Ben, when bad policy is on the line.
  2. Although Deb Fischer is unknown nationally, that doesn’t mean she is unknown within Nebraska.  Nebraska has a small population which makes it easier to be very aware of our own people without the nation having a clue.  Fischer has the advantage of being a rancher in a state that is still largely dependent on it’s agrarian economy, as opposed to Kerrey who is a Washington insider living off the favors granted him for his liberal voting record in the Senate.  We, as Nebraskans, will be exposed to his Vietnam service, which is admirable, but it doesn’t grant you a political license to steal, through taxes, our hard earned money.  Kaddafi was a war hero too.

“In the case of Bob Kerrey, we already know who he is,” Republican Gov. Dave  Heineman said, who remained neutral in the primary, told POLITICO. “It’s a choice  between a Nebraskan with Nebraska values and a Nebraskan with New York values.  And if this seat is so important, Bob Kerrey must answer, ‘Why did he leave us  12 years ago?’

Values and loyality may not matter in states like New York, which gave a carpet-bagger a seat in the US Senate…Hillary Clinton, but in a state like Nebraska values and loyality means everything.  Bob Kerry’s biggest appointment, next to putting the cheese frenchee on his restaurant menu, was having Arjun Appadurai serve as Provost at New University.  Here is an excerpt on what Mr. Appadurai believes and wrote about Obama the next day after his election. “… America has brought magic back into politics, something that organized religion in this country has become too transcendent to do. Americans have voted for magic and we should be proud of that fact.”  Nothing to see here behind the curtain, right Bob.

That maybe the best news for Bob Kerrey…when he loses in Nebraska, he can always go back to New York and run for a Senate seat there.

Here is a campaign video that spells out the hurdles Bob Kerrey will have to cross in order to win, but being that Kerrey has none of the values spelled out in this commercial it will be a large steep hill with hurdles for him and he may need some of that Obama magic his Provost and other liberal elites love to pontificate about.



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