By - May 9, 2012

Video: Batman Tries To Educate The Occupy Crowd

I’m not sure if anybody can get through the dense matter that surrounds the abnormally small brains of those immersed in the Occupy movement, but if anybody can it’s the Dark Knight himself–Batman!

In the following video Batman will try to educate those who are of the Occupy group or any young budding liberal who just needs a mental compass to get them moving in the correct direction.

When you think about it, who better to speak to the young people about class warfare, but Bruce Wayne?  Everybody loves him, but he is part of the hated 1% who happens to be very philanthropic and a kick-butt crime fighter.


You might ask: Is this the real Batman?  Well he sounds like Batman, kind of looks like him too although he could fill out his Bat suit a little better.  Who knows, maybe he just got over a really bad stomach flu and lost a few pounds.  The intellect is still there, so you can choose to believe it’s Batman or not, but I guarentee the message is real.

If the Occupy crowd can’t learn from Batman, maybe Batman should team up with Iron Man another multi-billionaire.  Considering the multi-millions The Avengers is bringing in, Iron Man may want to step up with Batman to fight this hideous enemy….Ignorance.

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