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Who Will Vote For Obama In November?

Most polls in the public are showing Obama getting around 45% of the population to vote for him, with Romney hanging in the same area.  Now however Rasmussen is showing a 7 point lead for Romney after Obama’s admission he is for “gay marriage”, who doubted that though?!

So who is it that will vote for Obama come November?  OK, we obviously know those communistic deviants from the Occupy crowd will vote for Obama if they can put down the bricks they are hurling at banks or stop defecating on police cars long enough to get to the polling booth.  These depraved individuals are fortunately few and far between, but are a large part of Obama constituency yet that still leaves a lot of the population out there.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend.  I know this friend and her husband to be very intelligent individuals and devout Catholics, as a matter of fact I envy her dedication to Catholicism, I only hope I will get there one day.  Having said that both of these people are likely to vote for Obama again.  Neither are liberals and I would say they share many of the same moral and economic values that I have.

Granted, I am sure they are not as obsessed with current events as I am, my obsession borders on a pathological illness.  Still how do those of us who see everything Obama has done to this country convince these intelligent reasonable people to think twice about voting Obama?

We must share the truth backed by hard core facts.

First,  The economy:  The unemployment rate is down to 8.1%.  Did we get there through a large number of new hires…No!  Only 115,000 people found jobs in April, a dismal showing and not completely responsible for the overall rate of unemployment going down.  The real reason is nearly 1 million people have dropped off the statistical map by giving up completely on finding a job since the last report.   The workforce participation rate is at a 30 year low .  Not since coming out of the malaise of the Carter years have we seen such a weak workforce.  Don’t get sucked into Obama’s propaganda commercial touting 4 million new jobs, there are millions more out of work who have Obama to blame directly for their woes.

Second: Why is the job market so bad?  Obama is running the economy in the manner in which he learned it should work.  Obama subscribes to the social economic models set forth in the philosophies of Plato, Thomas Moore, Thomas Hobbs and Karl Marx.  These are models that have been proven over and over through the centuries to be dismal failures, leading only to complete tyrannies.  Obama and his liberal friends believe they are smarter than those who came before them and they can make socialism work.  It’s simple, take from those who have and give to those who need (as the government defines it).  Obama has a willing accomplice in Warren Buffet, who wants to be taxed more, yet is current fighting the IRS about $1 billion he currently owes the Treasury.

Obama is micromanaging the economy with numerous regulations costing companies, large and small around $400 billion over the next 10 years just from Obama’s regulations.  Let’s not forget the largest regulatory law…Obamacare!  The conversation I had with my friend covered these issues.  She said the free market economy isn’t working anymore but agreed with me that socialism is not the answer either.  It didn’t take long before she agreed we no longer are working with a free market.  The government (from both sides of the isle) are regulating the “free” part out of free market.  Corporatism has infected the government, but Obama is the King with his give aways to “green” companies that go bankrupt and to the Unions (example: allowing the UAW to purchase majority ownership in GM before GM’s creditors as the law requires).  Bush was guilty of this to some degree and I will not tell you Romney would not be involved in it either, but Romney does understand the regulations and micromanaging the economy is ruining it.  Remember Romney has run a business before, whether you like that or hate him for it he has run a business.  Also remember Romney ran his business no differently than Warren Buffet and everybody loves Uncle Warren.  Obama hasn’t so much as run a lemonade stand.  Everything has been handed to Obama on a silver platter, so it stands he doesn’t understand free market economics.

Third:Obama is attacking certain segments of the population–he is not a uniter, but is a great divider.  We know there is an all out attack on the Catholics and their First amendment rights.  Obama announced hisgreat compromise with the Catholic church which turned out to be an accounting trick.  Dan Savage, who is on the speaking circuit with the blessing of the Obama administration, is bashing all that is Christian even though he is suppose to be discussing “Bullying”.

Then we have Obama referring to the Tea Party members as “teabaggers“, which has a sick sexual meaning to it.

Obama is at war with the Supreme Court.  Before they have even publicized their decision on Obamacare, Obama was making veiled threats toward SCOTUS.  This is not the first time either, Obama criticized SCOTUS during a State of the Union address a few years ago, which has never been done before.

The Wall Street Journal has been investigating Obama’s “enemy” list which includes any big donors to the Romney campaign.  These donors are finding the President castigate them in public and some have been investigated by private investigators being linked back to the Obama campaign or Obama’s Super PAC’s.  Kind of reminds me of the Soviet Politburo.

Fourth, Energy: Obama has waged war on the current energy infrastructure.  The Obama EPA has been shutting down coal mining throughout the country and has shut down oil drilling on federal lands.  All of this in favor of his “green” energy economy.  How has that turned out?  Multiple bankruptcies from green energy companies that received millions of our tax dollars in the Stimulus Bill of Obama’s.  Obama’s “all the above” energy pledge only applies to wind, solar and algae.

There are so many reasons to fear another four years of Obama, I can’t possibly list all the reason in one article.  I recommend reading any of the many articles that are here on the Red State Report.

I do hope my friend won’t think I have an anger problem if she reads my articles, I already got scolded by her because I paid my daughter for each goal she scores during soccer games.

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