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Bob Kerrey Goes After Deb Fischer

Polls in Nebraska have not been kind to Bob Kerrey and he has to change that soon.  A full summer of feel good advertising will not get Bob anywhere, so he does the only thing a trailing candidate can do…Go negative.

I wouldn’t necessarily call Bob Kerrey’s attack against Fischer negative, it may just backfire for Kerrey any way.

In an Omaha World Herald article Kerrey is calling Fischer out over “grazing subsidies”.

Kerrey questioned how Fischer could talk about cutting the federal budget if she couldn’t commit to cutting the federal grazing program that has saved her family and its Valentine ranching operation more than $100,000 a year.

Most people will not understand what Bob is talking about and I’m not sure it’s a great area to attack, here’s why:

The grazing subsidies are the federal government allowing ranchers to graze their livestock (cattle, or horses) on federal lands for a fee lower than the fees on privately owned land.  Here is why Bob’s argument may not fly.  I am not a fan of subsidies, but let’s consider what we have here, the federal government has land it paid for over a hundred years ago so they do not have a mortgage on the land nor do they pay any taxes on the land.  This makes a vast difference between federal and private lands, so comparing grazing fees from federal vs. public lands is like comparing apples and oranges.  The government will argue that they have to spend $144 million dollars a year to manage the lands, I say it would be higher if they didn’t allow grazing.  Look at cattle and horses as organic lawn mowers and you get the added bonus of free organic fertilizer.  Cattle and horses are great tenants to have on land.

A rancher could make an argument for the “grazing subsidies” by simply pointing to the fact that because of the federal government, feed cost have gone through the roof.   The ethanol mandate and subsidy is making it impossible for some livestock farmers to make it.  Corn prices are higher now then ever before in history, because of the ethanol mandate.  This is great for the grain farmer, but devastating to the livestock farmer.  Ever hear about the farmers in Texas letting their hogs go free?  It’s because they could no longer afford to feed the hogs.  Have you checked out the price of meats in the store lately?  This is the reason for the spike.

When the government decides to grant favors to one sector of the economy, it will negatively affect another sector.

The backlash Kerrey may feel is his admission, in the article, that he is a democrat because the democrats are the party that believes in “social and economic justice.”

Where have we heard that before?  That is the backbone of Obama’s presidency!  I have stated before that Kerrey would be an Obama “yes” man and his statement in the Omaha World Herald lays it out.  With those words you can say, Bob Kerrey is for redistributing wealth from those couples making over $250 K to those the government determines as deserving  it.   I would also assume Bob completely supports Obama’s handling of the economy.  We know he is 100% in favor of Obamacare which was suppose to add 400,000 jobs (didn’t happen, but the bill did call for thousands more IRS agents).

Does his sense of social justice include suppressing the vote in heavily white areas, as was done in Philadelphia in 2008 by the New Black Panther party?  Does Bob’s sense of social justice mean he is completely in support of Eric Holder, who will not prosecute black offenders (see New Black Panther case) and that Bob supports Holder in the Fast & Furious attempt to limit the Second Amendment?  Does Kerrey’s sense of social justice means he supports Obama’s unconstitutional limitation of the First Amendment rights to Catholic and other orthodox religions?

Kerrey vehemently dislikes being called a “carpetbagger” and he may not be a true carpetbagger, but all his time in Washington and New York has made him an east coast man, and a depraved politician who has learned how to lie like the best of them, here are two big examples:

During the Clinton administration Bob told Nebraska and the rest of America he wouldn’t vote for Clinton’s tax increases then at the last minute he came out as the deciding vote for the tax increase.

More recently before Kerrey officially entered the Senate race, Bob told Nebraska Regent Chuck Hassebrook, that he would not run for the open senate seat and would fully support Chuck in his run for Ben Nelson’s seat.  After hearing this Chuck resigned as Regent to run in the democrat primaries for Senator, four days later Kerrey stabbed Chuck in the back and announced he too was running.  Ouch!

So Bob Kerrey is a liar and a supporter of “social and economic justice, this means Bob is Barack! Perfect match!

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