By - June 4, 2012

EPA: We’re Watching You! Literally!

Maybe the only argument President Obama will have for his re-election will be his willingness to increase the use of military drones against enemies of the US.  But have the farmers of the US become enemies?

Everybody knows the government can see you in your backyard, from a satellite.  What are the chances somebodies going to be dialing up your address for a peek in your backyard?  Probably pretty slim, unless your known to have wild clothes optional pool parties, then some basement dwelling geek might dial you up.

What if you knew a certain department of the government was employing military drones to spy on you?

The EPA is doing just that, in an area known as sector 7 since at least 2010.  Sector 7 covers the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

Recently, law enforcement used drones over a farm to prove  a certain couple had stolen six cattle.  That was law enforcement using the drones for a set limited purpose.

Why would the EPA be using drones, at all, let alone over the midwest?  Reports are the EPA is using the drones to make sure cattle producers are complying with the “Clean Water Act“.

The drones are pretty advanced but I don’t think they can test ground water or standing water from in the air.  Drones are used for two purposes: 1) Spying 2) launching rockets at targets.  I don’t think the EPA will be launching rockets at farmers (at least not yet), but the only other purpose would be spying.

Under the Obama administration the EPA has been able to expand their power, well beyond their legal constraints, to enforce a modified “Cap-n-Trade” enviroment on corporations and now it seems maybe taking it into the rural areas of the country.

Today the EPA says it is using the drones to enforce the “Clean Water Act”, don’t be surprised when they decide to enforce the “Clean Air Act” and force cattle producers to limit the number of cattle they can raise so as to control “greenhouse” gases.  Mark my words!

Meanwhile, if you tend to have those wild clothes optional pool parties, at least in Sector 7, remember somebody in Washington D.C. might decide to see if your complying with the Clean Water Act.


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