By - June 6, 2012

Make A Song About Obama And Get Fired

It is easy to get fired from a school system, if you are a conservative.  Unions protect teachers and coaches that tow the line, just ask Wisconsin. Once a teacher gets tenure, they can almost literally sit in class and read the paper as they have the kids read their textbooks, but don’t ask the teacher any questions, they won’t have answers.

I am not indicting all teachers, as a matter of fact, I believe most teachers love their profession and love teaching kids.  We all hear about the teachers who don’t give a darn, or the teachers who view their job as a chance to indoctrinate the young skulls full of mush.

Let a middle school coach make a song about the current situation in the US, telling the truth about the affects Obama has had on the country and he gets fired.  Do the elementary school teacher who had their students sing praises to Obama get fired?  No!

Bryan Glover created a song “When Your Holding A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail”.  He e-mailed the song to his friends, but made the mistake of e-mailing the song to the parents of the boys he coaches.  The response was quick and loud:

“An hour-and-a-half after sending out the e-mail, I got the phone call from the head coach saying that he had had complaints from parents; he was told to fire me,” the former coach accounts.

“When the coach first called me, he said his phone was blown up with parents saying that I was being politically incorrect — quote, unquote — if you will, and that some of them were even reading into racial overtones in the song,” Glover explains.

But he points out that the lyrics make no direct or indirect reference to race.


Click on the above link and listen to the song then see what you think.  There seems to be a huge double standard.

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